25 Cute Cat Nail Art Designs


Cat nail art designs are fun for decorating your own claws when you’re feeling a little feisty and fun loving! These adorable creatures make for some fun nail art designs, whether you own a cat or not. Black cat nail art designs are also fantastic nail design ideas for Halloween as well.

There are tons of different ways to do cat nail art designs. Simple cat nails may only include cat eyes or a cat face, while more complicated cat nails may include whole cats, complete with details. Although they sometimes look time consuming and complicated, some cat nail art designs are actually pretty easy to paint. A few swipes with a thin nail brush or nail dotting tool can help you lay out the start of some gorgeous cat nails!

Get started with your own cute cat nail art designs with a little inspiration from these great nails!

1. Black Cat Nail Art

Little black cats perched on your nails are a fun eye catching and mischievous look, and perfect for Halloween!

cat nail artImage Source

2. Cute Pink and Black Cat Nails

Mischievous black cats perched on some pink French tips look like they’re ready to pounce!

cat nail artImage Source

3. Cat Scratch Nail Art

Anyone with a playful kitty knows just how sharp those little claws can be!

cat nail artImage Source

4. Black and Orange Cat Nails

Orange speckled nails with a black cat accent nail is another slam dunk look for Halloween!

cat nail artImage Source

5. Cat Face Nails

Loving the detail in these cat face nails, and the bright piercing green eyes make it a little spooky too…

cat nail artImage Source

6. Simple Cat Eyes Nail Art

Bright green cat eyes nail art really stands out against the black base coat.

cat nail artImage Source

7. Cute Cat Face Nail Art

One simple little cat face accent nail is really all you need for some eye catching kitty cat nail art!

cat nail artImage Source

8. Cat Faces and Paws Nail Art

Fun little paw print accents are a great way to jazz up some black cat face nail art! And, don’t you love the little white perched kitty?

cat nail artImage Source

9. Colorful Polka Dot Kitty Nails

Little cartoon kitties are adorable on a polka multi-color polka dot background!

cat nail artImage Source

10. Curious Cat Nail Art

The eyes make you wonder what these little kitty cats are so curious about.

cat nail artImage Source

11. Peeking Cat Nail Art on Orange Nails

The orange nails are a great base for Halloween cat nail art.

cat nail artImage Source

12. Peeking Cat Nails on Blue Nails

But a light blue also makes a gorgeous background for some fun loving kitties peeking out from the tips of the nails!

cat nail artImage Source

13. Rainbow Peeking Cat Nails

These little peeking cats look like they’re getting ready to pounce right off the nails!

cat nail artImage Source

14. Pretty Purple Cat Nail Art

Purple is a soft and feminine cat nail art background, and the tiny little paw prints are an adorable little detail!

cat nail artImage Source

15. Double Trouble Meow Purple Cat Nails

Meow! Two purple cats mean double the trouble!

cat nail artImage Source

16. Adorable Cat and Mouse Nails

A little mouse and fish bones make a nice addition to a cat nail art design, and the pink glitter accent nail is quite alluring!

cat nail artImage Source

17. Stripe and Polka Dot Cat Nails

A simple black and white cat face and fish bone design work well with the contrasting stripe and polka dots.

cat nail artImage Source

18. Striped Pink Cat Nail Art

This mischievous little kitty looks a little like he’s been put in the slammer for his shenanigans!

cat nail artImage Source

19. Black and White Cats Nail Art

You can’t get much cuter than two little kitty cats cuddling on pink tipped nails!

cat nail artImage Source

20. Black and White Polka Dot Cat Nail Art

One of the easiest nail designs—polka dots—makes a nice addition to simple white cat nails.

cat nail artImage Source

21. Pink and White Polka Dot Cat Nails

Some pink polka dots, though, can satiate your need for a splash of color.

cat nail artImage Source

22. Polka Dot Tip Cat and Paw Pint Nails

Polka dots just seem to work with cat nail art all around, especially when you add some wandering little paw prints.

cat nail artImage Source

23. White Cat Paw Print Nail Art

Me thinks that little black kitty cat went scampering across those white nails!

cat nail artImage Source

24. Cat in the Moonlight Nail Art

This little black cat seems pretty content to just hang out int he moonlight.

cat nail artImage Source

25. Silver Cat and Paw Print Nails

Shimmery silver polish really give these simple cat and paw print nails a little look of luxury.

cat nail artImage Source

As you can see, there are lots of great cat nail art design ideas! Cat nails are fun designs that work perfectly for casual or fun occasions, whether you’re just hanging with friends or hitting a Halloween party. They’re also easy enough to create that just about anyone can sort some super cute kitty cat nails!

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