14 Pretty Patchwork Nail Art Designs


Looking to shake up your nail routine? Try your hand at some super cute patchwork nail art designs!

Patchwork nail designs are so cute, and they’re sure to get you a few compliments! Although they look complicated, they’re actually quite easy to paint. Just pant blocks of different colors and add some black stitching details where the colors meet. You can also use different shapes on your patchwork nails, like hearts, triangles, and circles. Patchwork nail art designs also look pretty spectacular with added details, like polka dots or stripes, added to the different patches of color.

Want some inspiration for your own patchwork nail art? Check out these awesome designs!

1. Green Patchwork Nails

Shades of green make for some super cute patchwork nails!

patchwork nail artImage Source

2. Pink Patchwork Nail Art

Pink patchwork nail art with hearts is a great option when you’re feeling girly and feminine!

patchwork nail artImage Source

3. Pink and Purple Patchwork Nails

Combine pink polish with purple polish in a sweet and cute patchwork nail art design.

patchwork nail artImage Source

4. Cool Patchwork Nails

Cool colors of nail polish, like blue, purple, and mint green, combine beautifully in patchwork nail art designs!

patchwork nail artImage Source

5. Decorative Blue Patchwork Nails

Funky swirls and lacy patterns make these blue patchwork nails even more stunning!

patchwork nail artImage Source

6. Gray and Red Patched Nails

Gray patches are a great way to jazz up dark red nails!

patchwork nail artImage Source

7. Black and White Polka Dot Patchwork Nails

Basic black and white make for some awesome patchwork nails, especially with the addition of some simple polka dots!

patchwork nail artImage Source

8. Pink Heart Patchwork Nails

Pink nail polish and heart designs can be used to create some lovely patchwork nail art!

patchwork nail artImage Source

9. Patchwork and Rag Doll Nails

Add a little rag doll design to your patchwork nail art for an interesting and unique touch.

patchwork nail artImage Source

10. Colorful Patchwork Nails

If you love colorful nails, this patchwork design with its rainbow of colors might be a great option for you!

patchwork nail artImage Source

11. Purple Heart Patchwork Nails

Hearts and the color purple—what’s not to love?!

patchwork nail artImage Source

12. More Pink Patchwork Nail Art

Here’s another great example of a pink patchwork nail art design!

patchwork nail artImage Source

13. Colorful Heart Patchwork Nail Design

Subtle hearts in the center of a rainbow of colors makes this patchwork nail art design just about perfect!

patchwork nail artImage Source

14. Country Quilt Nail Art

This colorful patchwork nail art design reminds me of a cheerful country quilt!

patchwork nail artImage Source

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