13 Colorful and Creative Rainbow Nail Designs


Rainbows aren’t an everyday occurrence. The conditions have to be just right to get a glimpse of a natural rainbow. That’s too bad too, since a burst of rainbow colors can brighten any day and cheer up even the worst moods. Ladies in need of some color can make the rainbows after a sunny rain last with some rainbow nail designs!

Rainbow nail designs can vary widely. The typical striped rainbow nail art design may be a little too low key for some ladies, though. If you;re looking for some more unique rainbow designs, you have lots of great options! Take a look at these rainbow nail art designs for some colorful and creative ways to do your nails…

1. Dripping Rainbow Nails

Messy dripping rainbow nail designs give an unexpected twist to a cheerful, colorful design.

rainbow nail designsImage Source

2. Stamped Rainbow Nail Art

Rainbow nail designs make great backgrounds for other nail art designs, like this black stamped design.

rainbow nail designsImage Source

3. Stained Glass Rainbow Manicure

This multi-color stamped nail design resembles a stained glass window, doesn’t it?

rainbow nail designsImage Source

4. Rainbow Piano Manicure

Wide multi-color stripes are perfect for a unique and creative piano nail design.

rainbow nail designsImage Source

5. Polka Dot and Stripe Rainbow Nails

You can definitely mix polka dots and stripes, especially in colorful rainbow nail designs!

rainbow nail designsImage Source

6. Flowers and Rainbow Nail Design

Simple little white flowers make a gorgeous addition to this rainbow French manicure.

rainbow nail designsImage Source


7. Dotty Rainbow Nail Art

Groups of polka dots of varying sizes arranged in a rainbow pattern make for a pretty awesome colorful manicure!

rainbow nail designsImage Source

8. Rainbow Dot Gradient Nails

The rainbow polka dots against a white background really pop and the polka dot gradient is a fun and unique design.

rainbow nail designsImage Source

9. Rainbow Dots on Blue Nails

Here’s another great rainbow polka dot nail design, this time on sky blue nails.

rainbow nail designsImage Source

10. Rainbow Tips and Dots Manicure

Eye catching rainbow French tips get a little help from a line of multi-color polka dots running the length of the nails.

rainbow nail designsImage Source

11. Glitter Accent Rainbow Nail Designs

Wide rainbow stripes are separated with shimmery lines of glitter polish in this colorful mani.

rainbow nail designsImage Source

12. Diagonal Rainbow Nail Designs

Bold colors in diagonal stripes on these nails are certainly eye catching and downright gorgeous!

rainbow nail designsImage Source

13. Messy Rainbow Striped Nails

Rainbow stripes look smashing in a nail design, even when the stripes are a bit messy looking.

rainbow nail designsImage Source

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