12 Splendid Star Nail Designs


Star nail designs are a fun and easy way to get a little fancy with your nail art. They may seem difficult to create, be star nails can actually be quite simple!

There are a few different ways to create star nail art. You can always paint stars on your nails freehand, but this takes some talent and a steady hand. Using strips of tape, however, can make creating almost perfect stars on your nails so much easier. Just arrange the tape in a star shape, paint over it, and remove the tape. Even easier still, nail stamping kits and star shaped rhinestones can also be used to create star nail art.

If you’re looking for ideas for your own star nail designs, look no further! We’ve rounded up a nice little collection of star nail art designs to give you a little inspiration….

1. Blue Glitter Star Nail Design

Blue glitter nail polish makes a sublime background for some star nail designs with sequins!

star nail designsImage Source

2. Pretty Gradient Star Nails

White stars twinkle on these gradient nails created with soft shades of purple and blue.

star nail designsImage Source

3. Dark Blue and White Star Nails

Simple white polka dots mingle with white star nail designs on a dark blue and silver glitter background here.

star nail designsImage Source

4. Chunky Glitter Star Nails

A chunky glitter with star shapes right in the polish is an easy way to create some pretty awesome and sparkly star nail designs.

star nail designsImage Source

5. Stamped Star Nail Tips

Black tips with stamped stars on the nail tips are a pretty awesome little twist on the classic French nail art design.

star nail designsImage Source


6. Blue Tips and Stars Nail Art

Switch it up with vibrant blue French tips, and decorate them with some cute little white stars.

star nail designsImage Source

7. Glitter Gradient and Star Nail Designs

A subtle silver glitter gradient on dark nails go beautifully with these stamped star nail designs!

star nail designsImage Source

8. Rhinestone Shooting Star Nail Art

Adding a star shaped rhinestone to a starburst nail design is a quick and simple way to create a fun and gorgeous nail art design!

star nail designsImage Source

9. Shooting Stars Nail Art

Here’s another great idea for shooting star nail designs with star shaped rhinestones!

star nail designsImage Source

10. Black and Nude Star Nail Design

This star nail art, created with black and nude polish, has a minimalistic modern feel to it.

star nail designsImage Source

11. Rock Star Nail Art

Bold black and white stripes and pretty pink stars make a fun and easy rock star nail art design!

star nail designsImage Source

12. Large Star Nail Art

Large stars look splendid painted on the nails!

star nail designsImage Source

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