11 Wonderful Word Nail Art Designs

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Word nail art is a great way to jazz up your fingertips with a unique design! It’s not every day that you see words splashed across a person’s nails, and it usually elicits a double take from most people who get a close enough glance. So-called “nerdy” people aren’t the only ones who can appreciate word nail art either. The trick is to choose the right word of words for your nails, whether it’s something meaningful or fun.

Word nails are slightly more difficult to pull off than some other simpler nail art designs. When painting word nail art designs, a steady hand is super important. Without it, your words could end up looking like messy blobs of polish. Some women even prefer to add words to the nails on their non-dominate hand. Others may even opt to use word nail decals instead to ensure a perfect clean design.

Need some ideas for word nail art? Check out these cute word nail designs for some great inspiration!

1. Single Word Nail Accent

You don’t have to go crazy with your word nail art. One simple accent nail with one short word is enough to look fantastic, and it’s super simple!

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2. Polka Dot Word Nail Art

Don’t have a steady enough hand? Try your hand at word nail art by forming your letters with small polka dots. It’s easier than trying to print or write the letters.

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3. Word Across the Nails

Another great way to pull off word nail art is by utilizing the space across all of your nails, with one letter per nail. If you have a nail left over, create a fun nail art design for a nifty accent.

word nail artImage Source

4. Newsprint Nail Art

Newsprint nails have to be one of the simplest ways to create word nail art! Paint your nails a very light color, then press bits of alcohol soaked newspaper to your dry nails. Seal the design with a clear topcoat.

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5. Scrabble Word Nail Art

Love these cute Scrabble nails! They should also be easy enough to create with a steady enough hand.


word nail artImage Source

6. Words on the Sides of the Nails

Small words on the sides of each nail can look pretty spectacular! Add glitter nail polish to a couple of nails to add some fun sparkle.

word nail artImage Source

7. Cursive Connecting Nails

Spreading a word across a couple of nails in cursive writing looks pretty amazing too!

word nail artImage Source

8. Heart and Word Nail Art

The tiny heart accent across these two nails is pretty clever, and it adds a pretty cute touch.

word nail artImage Source

9. Notebook Word Nail Art

For the studious types, we have these rockin’ notebook word nails! Just paint a simple lined paper design on your nails before adding the words in black.

word nail art 9Image Source

10. Striped Word Nails

This pastel striped design is perfectly pretty with these word and doodle nails!

word nail artImage Source

11. Comic Book Word Nails

Comic fans can rock these bangin’ word nails! They’re bright, fun, and simple enough to pull off!

word nail artImage Source

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