20 Fantastic and Simple Sharpie Nail Art Designs


Sometimes the hardest part of creating nail art designs is painting the tiny little details. A great solution to this hurdle is using Sharpie markers to create your nail art designs!

Sharpie nail art is a fantastic way to create amazing designs on your nails whether you’re a nail art novice or veteran. Creating Sharpie nail art eliminates the need to wield tiny nail art brushes and painstakingly paint complicated designs. Sharpie nail art is as easy as drawing a designs on your nails. Plus, any mistakes can easily

Sharpie markers also come in a wide range of colors, including basic black, metallics, and a rainbow of other colors. So, your Sharpie nail art designs are really only limited to your imagination. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your own Sharpie nail art, it’d be hard to go wrong with these fun designs!

1. Leopard Print Sharpie Nail Art

Leopard print nail art has never been this easy!

sharpie nail artImage Source

2. Gold French Tips

A chic black and gold French manicure design is extremely simple with a metallic gold Sharpie marker!

sharpie nail artImage Source

3. Comic Book Sharpie Nails

All you need is a black Sharpie marker and—POW!—fun comic book nail art!

sharpie nail artImage Source

4. Sharpie Tiger Print Nail Art

These wild tiger stripe nails require nothing more than some sparkly gold polish, a black Sharpie, and a clear top coat.

sharpie nail artImage Source

5. Bright Sharpie Watercolor Nail Art

Watercolor nails are one of the most amazing Sharpie nail art designs you can try!

sharpie nail artImage Source

6. Pastel Sharpie Watercolor Nails

Use lighter colors applied in thinner layers for a subtler watercolor Sharpie nail art look.

sharpie nail artImage Source

7. Sharpie Marble Nail Art

You’ll be stunned at how easy these Sharpie marble nails are to create!

sharpie nail artImage Source

8. Sharpie Dream Catcher Nails

Intricate designs, like this whimsical dream catcher, are much easier to create with fine tip Sharpie than a tiny nail brush!

sharpie nail artImage Source

9. Tie Dye Firework Sharpie Nail Art

These tie dye burst Sharpie nails look more complicated than they really are…

sharpie nail artImage Source

10. Flaming Sharpie Nail Art

Some freaky flaming nail art is a breeze with Sharpie markers!

sharpie nail artImage Source

11. Read Heartbeat Nails With Sharpies

These cute heartbeat nails can be created lickety split with nothing more than a red Sharpie marker!

sharpie nail artImage Source

12. Polka Dot Gradient Sharpie Nail Art

Use a black Sharpie fine tipped marker to easily create some stunning polka dot gradient nail art!

sharpie nail artImage Source

13. Blue Polka Dot Gradient Nail Art

For a little splash of color, try a blue polka dot gradient.

sharpie nail artImage Source

14. Tribal Sharpie Nail Art

A tribal design is a breeze when you use a Sharpie marker!

sharpie nail artImage Source

15.Sharpie Peacock Feather Nails

Peacock feather nails are amazing, but normally complicated, nail art designs…unless you use a Sharpie, that is!

sharpie nail artImage Source

16. Metallic Sharpie Polka Dot Nails

Metallic Sharpie markers are perfect for adding some shimmery polka dots to white nails.

sharpie nail artImage Source

17. Sharpie Stripe Nail Art

Polka dots not your thing? Try some fun stripes instead!

sharpie nail artImage Source

18. Pastel Stripe Sharpie Nail Art

Use some light pastel Sharpies for some cute and sweet striped nail art!

sharpie nail artImage Source

19. Sharpie Word Nail Art

Sharpie markers are the perfect tool for creating some word nail art!

sharpie nail artImage Source

20. Sharpie Chevron Nail Art

Finally! An easy way to try the chevron nail art trend!

sharpie nail artImage Source

The final step in any Sharpie nail art design is to seal it with a top coat. However, brushing a top coat over a Sharpie nail art design can sometimes cause the design to blur and bleed a little. To prevent this, you can give your Sharpie nails a quick spritz of hairspray before adding a top coat.

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