41 Delightful Wrist Tattoos For 2013


As a convenient place to display a permanent ink design, the wrist works very well. Whether it is the inner wrist or the outer, it is the design that adds to the beauty of the inked lines. Suppose you have a small star inked on your wrist. You can have it styled with graceful lines for a simple look, or go for a heavily ornamented design. The style you choose contributes to the final look of a wrist tattoo. For women, a wrist tattoo can be inked as a permanent pretty bracelet. Among both men and women, getting scripts inked on the wrist is popular. If you have a favorite word or sentence, you can keep it close to your view always, by placing the text tattoo on your wrist. Many people express their religious belief through symbolic designs on the wrist. In a tiny form, the Christian Cross or the Hindu Om make for stunning wrist tattoo ideas. As a simple idea for a wrist tattoo, you can choose designs with minimal lines. This gives the tattoo, inked on a small area of your body, a powerful feel. Tiny and expressive, a graceful wrist tattoo is a head turner. Here are some ideas.

Tattooed Wrist

The zigzag lightning pattern on the wrist, is inked simply in fine black lines. Tattooed Wrist Tattooed Wrist

Elegant Tattoo

Spirals stay close to each other, locked in a powerful 69 design on the wrist. Elegant Tattoo Elegant Tattoo

Spiritual Tattoo

The pattern of dark lines and shaded broader areas, looks beautiful in this wrist tattoo. wrist tattoo Spiritual Tattoo

Wrist Tattoo

The B is styled as a heart in this cute and stylish Believe tattoo on the wrist. Wrist Tattoo Wrist Tattoo

Design Power Tattoo

The two text tattoos on the wrists are finished off with elegant floral patterns. Design Power Tattoo Design Power Tattoo

Wrist Love Tattoo

Two dolphins outlined in black, face away from each other with a red heart between them. Wrist Love Tattoo Wrist Love Tattoo

Blossom Tattoo

The intricate black and cyan design makes this butterfly tattoo look life like. Blossom Tattoo Blossom Tattoo

Unfree Wrist Tattoo

Three realistic looking loops forming a chain, are inked in this wrist tattoo. Unfree Wrist Tattoo Unfree Wrist Tattoo

Artwrist Tattoo

The letters inked in a small hand on the wrist, simply say ‘create’. A powerful reminder to be creative, always. Artwrist Tattoo Artwrist Tattoo

Spin Wrist Tattoo

Take a look at the simple lines used to ink the form of a bicycle on the wrist. Spin Wrist Tattoo Spin Wrist Tattoo

Floral Wrist Tattoo

The delicate shaded design of the petals, gives a graceful look to this rose tattoo. Floral Wrist Tattoo Floral Wrist Tattoo

Wrist Comfort

The inner wrist has the message, ‘Belong everywhere’, in a stylish elegant font. Wrist Comfort Wrist Comfort

Wrist Design

This technically inspired tattoo uses the html code style to express the word ‘body’. Wrist Design Wrist Design

Wrist Hues

A cyan butterfly along with a pink flowering stem, make for a creative and colorful wrist tattoo. Wrist Hues Wrist Hues

Wrist Goth

The regular lines express the symmetrical forms of five-pointed stars on the wrists. Wrist Goth Wrist Goth

Wrist Beetle

This tiny red beetle as it looks like it will start crawling, any moment. A cute creepy-crawly tattoo idea. Wrist Beetle Wrist Beetle

Wrist Star

The edges of the inner wrists are inked with symmetrical stars, in this tiny tattoos idea. Wrist Star Wrist Star

Wrist Melody

Bright red and plump, this is a cute and expressive tiny tattoo for the wrist. Wrist Melody Wrist Melody

Dramatic Wrist

A big star sits alongside a smaller star, in this sweet and romantic tattoo idea. Dramatic Wrist Dramatic Wrist

Human Wrist

A stunning pattern of gray chains with a red thread, makes up this wrist chain tattoo. Human Wrist Human Wrist


Delicate Design Wrist

The pretty rope like pattern with a delicate feather hanging, makes for a delicate wrist tattoo. Delicate Design Wrist Delicate Design Wrist

From Japan Idea Wrist

Inked in small bold black lettering, this is an elegant script tattoo for the wrist. From Japan Idea Wrist From Japan Idea Wrist

The Cross Idea Wrist

A pretty chain of green gems ends in a gold cross, in this bracelet cross tattoo idea. The Cross Idea Wrist The Cross Idea Wrist

Named Wrist

The stylish wrist tattoo with the name ‘Liam’, is done with fine lines, curves and straight edges. Named Wrist Named Wrist

Text Wrist

This wrist tattoo says simply ‘I love you’, in a handwritten font. Simple romance, redefined. Text Wrist Text Wrist

Dream Wrist

A crescent moon sits among starry patterns, in this dream theme wrist tattoo. Dream Wrist Dream Wrist

Ancient Design

The inner wrist tattoo has a mysterious combination of symbols. Simple lines express the shape of a hexagon in the tattoo. Ancient Design Ancient Design

Adore Wrist

Inked with large flourishes and loops, this pretty wrist tattoo says, ‘Amore’. Adore Wrist Adore Wrist

Forever Wrist

A powerful infinity loop is expressed simply with fine black lines, in this wrist tattoo. Forever Wrist Forever Wrist

Just Trust Wrist

Fine slanted lines with loops at the edges, give a dramatic feel to this Faith script tattoo. Just Trust Wrist Just Trust Wrist

Launching Wrist

The expressive ‘Carpe diem’ tattoo done in a vintage lettering, is a powerful reminder to seize the day. Launching Wrist Launching Wrist

Flying Wrist

A flying bird faces another, in this pretty paired wrists tattoo idea. Cute and romantic, the design is inked in an elegant shaded style. Flying Wrist Flying Wrist

Inked Wrist Idea

Elegant loops contribute to the formal feel of the word ‘Believe’ inked on the wrist. Inked Wrist Idea Inked Wrist Idea

Tri Angle Wrist

This interesting wrist tattoo combines the Death Symbol from the Harry Potter series with the phrase, ‘All is well’. Tri Angle Wrist Tri Angle Wrist

Home Wrist

Graceful flourishes give a stylized look to the initials, in this wrist tattoo. Home Wrist Home Wrist

Enamor Wrist

Inked in a spaced out handwritten font, this wrist tatoo says, ‘Love is enough’. Enamor Wrist Enamor Wrist

A Wrist Pattern

A trio of spirals make up a triangle, in this geometrical wrist tattoo design. A Wrist Pattern A Wrist Pattern

Pretty Wrist Pic

The script on the wrist says, ‘it’s real for us’, with a golden button and a ribbon below the script. Pretty Wrist Pic Pretty Wrist Pic

Unusual Wrist Tat

The two wrists display intricate script tattoos featuring a complex pattern of lines and dots. Unusual Wrist Tat Unusual Wrist Tat

My Personal Wrist Message

In this meaningful wrist tattoo, the words ‘Life’s hills & valleys’ are inscribed in a handwritten style. My Personal Wrist Message My Personal Wrist Message

Heart On My Wrist

A red heart sits just before the message, ‘All good things are wild and free’. A colorful and meaningful wrist tattoo. Heart On My Wrist Heart On My Wrist   If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on  Tattoo Drawings,  Dope Tattoos,  Sweet Tattoos  and  Back of Neck Tattoos.


  1. Wow… These are such cute and unique wrist tattoo designs. I like the Wrist Goth tattoo design the most. I find it very cute. ^^


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