27 Picturesque Edward Cullen Quotes


A shining character from the Twilight series, Edward Cullen is known for his deep passion for Bella. The love story has caught the imagination of young people across the world. Edward may be a vampire, but his soul longs for Bella, and this conflict plays out in his words and actions. Edward Cullen quotes give an insight into the intense thoughts that run through the mind of this mysterious character.

Edward is pulled between loyalty to his kin and his love for Bella. At one point, he tells Bella that it would be better if she were not his friends. But at the same time he cannot stay away from her and is tired of doing so. There is a deep difference between humans and vampires in the twilight world. Cullen tells Bella that her human memory is no more than a sieve, so even her wounds will be healed by time. For humans, time is lived by the moments, and vampires are ageless. When he surrenders to Bella, and tells her that their love will be forever, Edward means this, quite literally. This love goes into the depths of Edward’s soul, which is why he says that once he took the risk of going to hell, he decided to do it thoroughly.

Keeping Track

“Its harder than it should be keeping track of you. Usually I can find someone very easily, once I’ve heard their mind before.” – Edward Cullen

More Prudent

“It would be more prudent for you not to be my friend. But I’m tired of trying to stay away from you, Bella.” – Edward Cullen

Humanyour Memory

“Don’t worry. Youre humanyour memory is no more than a sieve. Time heals all wounds for your kind.” – Edward Cullen

No Measure

“No measure of time with you will be long enough, but we’ll start with forever.” – Edward Cullen

Going To Hell

“I decided as long as I was going to hell, I might as well do it thoroughly.” – Edward Cullen

Very Hard

“It was very hard you can’t imagine how hard for me to simply take you away, and leave them alive.” – Edward Cullen

Easily Distracted

“Well, I won’t forget. But my kind were very easily distracted.” – Edward Cullen

Attract Accidents

“Don’t be offended, but you seem to be one of those people who just attract accidents like a magnet. So try not to fall into the ocean or get run over or anything, all right?” – Edward Cullen

Chips Fall

“I’m just going to do what I want now, and let the chips fall where they may.” – Edward Cullen

An Accident

“I’ve never been in an accident, Bella I’ve never even gotten a ticket. Built-in radar detector.” – Edward Cullen

You Smell

“You smell just exactly the same as always. So maybe this is hell. I don’t care. Ill take it.” – Edward Cullen

My Temper

“Sometimes I have a problem with my temper, Bella.” – Edward Cullen

Always Say

“I always say too much when I’m talking to you thats one of the problems.” – Edward Cullen

Thinking Is Insane

“I’d rather know what you’re thinking even if what you’re thinking is insane.” – Edward Cullen

Blood Sings

“They have a name for someone who smells the way Bella does to me. They call her my singerbecause her blood sings for me.” – Edward Cullen

Stop Jessica

“Go stop Jessica and Angela before I have to track them down, too. I dont think I could restrain myself if I ran into your other friends again.” – Edward Cullen

Being Unpleasant

“Your boyfriend seems to think I’m being unpleasant to you hes debating whether or not to come break up our fight.” – Edward Cullen

Edward Cullen Quote

“Honestly I’ve seen corpses with better color. I was concerned that I might have to avenge your murder.” – Edward Cullen

Hunting For Food

“I wasn’t hunting for food I was actually trying my hand at tracking. I’m not very good at it.” – Edward Cullen

More Creative

“I hope you were more creative this time or are you still stealing from comic books?” – Edward Cullen

The Bad Guy

“What if I’m not a superhero? What if I’m the bad guy?” – Edward Cullen

Finite Resources

“The wasting of finite resources is everyones business.” – Edward Cullen

Mistake After Mistake

“The odds are always stacked against us. Mistake after mistake. I’ll never criticize Romeo again.” – Edward Cullen

Push Poor

“Lets you and I not push poor Mike any further this week. We don’t want him to snap.” – Edward Cullen

Minute There

“You scared me for a minute there. I thought Newton was dragging your dead body off to bury it in the woods.” – Edward Cullen

Not That

“I said it would be better if we were’nt friends, not that I didn’t want to be.” – Edward Cullen

More Observant

“I was wrong youre much more observant than I gave you credit for.” – Edward Cullen


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  1. Waaa. I really love that movie series. Edward Cullen has really good lines in that movie that made almost all the people went head over heels over those lines. ^^

  2. Well i like all the quotes or twilight series but “What if I‘m not a superhero? What if I‘m the bad guy?“ – Edward Cullen sounds cool to me.

  3. Wow these Picturesque Edward Cullen Quotes are amazing and is movies i love so much and i love to see its as many time it’s come on t.v.


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