16 Girly Bow Nail Art Designs


One of the fun things about being a girl is doing your nails! Girls get to try out all different sorts of nail art designs, from stripes to polka dots to gradients. Sometimes, you just want something soft, feminine and just plain girly. That’s where bow nail art designs come in!

Bows exemplify everything it means to be a girl. Little girls wear bows in their hair, and bows are still sweet and feminine enough to be worn by women too. Bow nail art is fun way to try this trend. Bow nail art designs are also easier than you might think. With a steady hand and a little practice, you should be able to create a fun bow nail art design that suits you.  Bow nails can be simple or more complex. They can be painted on every nail or just used to accent one or two nails. Bow nails are often painted in feminine colors, like pink, or classic colors, like black and white. However, bow nails can be any color you like and still look stunning!

Inspiration for bow nail art is just a scroll away too! Scroll down the page for ideas on different bow nail designs!

1. Gold Glitter and Black Bow Nails

Gold glitter and black polish make some fun party bow nails!

bow nail artSource

2. Red Bows on Nude Nails

Dress up nude or natural nails with some pretty red fluffy bows.

bow nail artSource

3. Minnie Mouse Insired Bow Nail Art

If you’re headed to Disney, these cute bow nails might be a fun look. The red and white polka dot tips and black bows are very Minnie Mouse chic!

bow nail artSource

4. Diagonal Black Bows on White Nails

For a sophisticated look, paint back bows diagonally across white nails.

bow nail artSource

5. Black Polka Dot Bows

Black and white polka dot bows really dress up white nails too. Studs or rhinestones add a 3D effect.

bow nail artSource

6. Black Bow Nail Art With Rhinestones

Rhinestones add some sparkle to this black bow nail art.

bow nail artSource

7. Black Bow Nail Art Accent Nails

Bow nail art can also be used to dress up a fun glitter gradient manicure as well.

bow nail artSource

8. White and Black Polka Dot Nail Art

Black poka dots on white nails are cute, but the black bow nail art elevates this mani to the level of super cute!

bow nail artSource

9. Yellow Bow Nail Art

If you want a little color in your mani, try this black and yellow polka dot and bow nail art.

bow nail artSource

10. Blue Bow Nail Art

A simple blue stripe across the nails is made adorable with the little bow accent on the ring finger!

bow nail artSource

11. Blue and Red Bow Nails

These little red polka dot bow nails are much easier than you might think to create!

bow nail artSource

12. Black Bows on Pink Tips

Dress up a pink French manicure with a black bow nail design.

bow nail artSource

13. Striped Nail Art With Bows

Stripes or bows on your nails…? Get the best of both worlds by combining the two designs!

bow nail artSource

14. Pink Tips With Black Bows

Pink tips with black bows outlined in silver glitter polish is pretty and feminine. The black polka dots make this mani fun and carefree.

bow nail artSource

15. Pink and White Bow Nail Art

White bow nail designs can look just as cute when paired with pink nail tips.

bow nail artSource

16. French Manicure With Pink Bows

Or dress up a traditional French manicure with some pink bows outlined in black.

bow nail artSource

Don’t feel that you need to stick exactly to the bow nail art designs above. Make bow nails your very own by using colors and patterns that you love!

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