Get Paid More For Your Work In 3 Easy Ways


Why make less when you get more for your same work? Making a client pay more might sound a paramount task, but actually, it isn‘t rocket science either.

As a freelancer, everyone would want to make more money. In the quest to do so, you might want to pool in more and more clients, but in today‘s competitive market, one needs to expand vertically, not horizontally.

There are ways and, yes, they are simple to understand and implement. The 3 ways that can help you increase revenues are no scammy tricks, or magic pills, or dodgy sales tactics. There are simple changes to what you‘re already doing that‘ll make your clients want to pay you more.
Read below and explore.

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1. Send Your Clients In Relaxation Mode

If the client has to do it, then why would he pay for it? Would you pay for a pair of jeans you haven‘t bought? If you want to fetch more out of your client‘s pocket, then make him feel cool like a cucumber, make him realize that he/she is on a vacation. A no-tension-job is a one life definition for it. No matter if he has the knowledge and experience to do it, wake-up before he does and complete it before he puts on his shoes.

As a freelancer, you job is to provide a hassle free service to your clients, all the time. Solve the problems before they (problems) arise. After doing so, raising high bills to your clients won‘t be a problem. Because nobody cares if you have designed the X thing right or a Y stuff fabulous, they don‘t simplify their life, but you do.

Satisfaction, peace and hassle free should be the epicenter of all your presentations, ppts, conversation and mails. Let the client sense that in every bit of yours. Also, make sure you live up-to the promises. Be willing to do anything and everything for the client. Take on the responsibility for the minutest of things.

2. Use Promising Words

Sound more convincing in your words as well as acts. Sound possible, rather than probable. The more convincing the words, the higher chances of you getting paid more. It is a thumb rule, no great revelation. But it still bears reasoning. How can a client want to pay you more if they‘re not convinced you‘re worth the money?

Convince them – in your wording, on the phone, in your pitch, your proposal, everywhere:

  • Replace “maybe“ with “guaranteed or *risk-free deal*“
  • Use “I‘ll definitely“ instead of “I‘ll try“
  • Focus on benefits over feature.
  • And how you‘ll increase their chance of their desired result

In other words, wordsmith it in a way that your client feels relaxed while working with you. Let him feel at ease. Make your clients feel that you are worth the amount. But this doesn‘t mean that your promises are confined to words. Make sure you live up-to the commitments. Lying or fraudulent practices would end your relationships with client forever.


3. The More The Merrier

Seen the many ‘Buy One get One Free“ offers in shopping malls? Remember the way you got hooked and ended up buying double your quantity? Just incubate the deal in your work. Charge for one and give a couple of services free of cost. Like those corny-but-it-works lines like “but wait, order now and we‘ll throw in A, B, and C for FREE!“

Here are a few for your better understanding:


You see non-sales companies and offers do this all the time:

  • Buy 2 of something, get the 3rd free.
  • Buy our main app, and we‘ll throw in this other app at 1/2 off.
  • Sign up for the premium level, and we‘ll give you our thing over here for free.
  • Every order for A comes with a complimentary B and C.
  • And so forth.

As you are your own boss, create a deal as per the client and cease the opportunity. With the bundle of benefits attached to it, the client will find your proposal more appealing than your competitors. Even if you‘re charging a little more than the competition, the client would go with you. And it should be a great deal, since you‘ll be providing even more benefits at the asking price, no matter how small those benefits are.

But always make sure that the free things should prove to be a nightmare for you. They should be simple tasks that don‘t suck up plenty of time.

And by doing so, you you‘re increasing the chances of getting paid more by your clients. Simple & Clear, isn‘t it?

Scroll back for a quick recap of the small tricks for big change in revenues. The last word: Client is God. You have to just please him.



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