Landing Page Case Study and Optimization Tips


Landing page hold utmost importance when it comes to designing a website. Launching a website in not a kids play and you have to keep number of things in mind to target and capture right audience at right time with right strategy. Today we have decided to share Landing page case study with you along with the optimization tips to yield better returns from your website.

Landing pages are designed in a careful manner to enable that a user will convert into an opt-in, or possibly a conversion. This could be anything from an affiliate link to a “conversion goal.” Landing pages are similar to a game of billiards, as you are trying to get your visitors to a certain part on your website. Likewise, having an efficiently developed landing page can wreak great benefits or provide disastrous results. In this article I am going to discuss how people arrive at landing pages, and essential tips to optimizing your landing pages correctly.

How People End Up On Landing Pages

Credit Innovations
Credit Innovations

Banner Ads or Sponsor Links

Webmasters will rent out advertising spots on their homepage for people to purchase. Along, with that webmasters will also sale text links which are considered to be their “sponsors.” These advertising spots will be rented out either per impression, per click, or on a month basis.


** These ads are image ads; their are other variations of ads you can have, as well.


** Standard Text ads

Paid Per Click Advertising

Traffic sent from search engine traffic (Adwords) or PPC (paid per click advertising) is a way in which website owners will pay several pennies to a couple dollars per click.


E-mail Marketing

Traffic that is sent from an e-mail list where users will opt-in to a newsletter or mailing list. People will commonly offer a freebie in order to get more people to opt-in to their mailing list.


** Site maps are great because they allow users to find the information they are looking for. This site has thousands of pages and it allows you to narrow your searches down, easily. Along with that it could target a number of visitors and customize a ton of different landing pages.

Strategical Internal Pages

A page in which is going to have an assortment of related links, articles, pictures, etc. It acts as a hub with “valuable” content.

Blogroll Links or Footer Links

Links in the footer or in a “blogroll” will link to a landing page.

Best Web Hosting Service Official Blog
Best Web Hosting Service Official Blog


Now that you know how people will at arrive a landing page it is essential that you realize the importance of optimizing your landing pages to provide you with optimal results.


Tips For Successful Landing Pages

1. Identify Your Conversions

What is your goal for your landing page? For an opt-in landing page you are going to require users to enter their email address, name, and simply click subscribe. For affiliate marketing you are going to want visitors to click onto your affiliate links.

2. Know Your Customers

Identify your customers and do some extensive research about them. There is no landing page that will suit every possible demographic so do not try to please everyone. Figure out what your visitors interest are and what they are seeking. Your goal is to provide them for what what they are looking for.

3. Less Is More

Minimize the distractions on your landing page. Make it cut and dry and to the point. You do not want to confuse your visitors; you want them to perform a certain action.

4. Promise To Deliver

If your ad creative promises them a free ebook your landing page should show that you get that free ebook. There should be no doubt in their mind that they have arrived at their intended destination.

5. Limited Holes or Exit Points

You may want to remove your navigation bar. Only if is required. Your goal will to turn your visitors into conversions. Avoid having other advertisements or Adwords on your landing page because these will not end up being conversions.

6. Ease of Use

You do not want them to click the back button or exit out. Make it clear, by having your offer on every spot regardless if they scroll up or down. People are impatient and you have to make it as easy as possible for them to arrive at your conversion goal.

7. Test Your Landing Page

Test your landing page over and over again to make sure it is easy to use, delivers what was promised, meets your users needs, and most important has a minimal amount of exit points.

Furthermore, post your landing pages for review and get as much feedback as you can prior to launching your landing page.

Good Landing Pages


Fatcow’s landing page has a minimal amount of exit points. There is a huge “sign up” button with an incentive to do business with them, a free domain. Along with that they have removed their site navigation.


Magnitize’s landing page does a great job at making it perfectly clear that they want you to sign up and it is free. There are four main buttons that you can click on, each still has a huge sign up button that entices the visitor to sign up. They do a great job at typography and establishing a hierarchy.


Lightspeed’s landing page does a good job at making it plain and simple and they would like to collect your email address. Along with that they would like you to setup an account and start taking surveys and making money with them.

Bad Landing Pages

Free Weight Loss Revealed

Free weight loss resources is a mile long with hardly any call for actions, where people can click on the a button to go ahead and purchase their product. Information overload, and the page is a mile long. Typical “Clickbank” product with a horrible layout. Can you say 1996. Nearly 90% of the Clickbank products are cheap looking and seem to be a mile long.

Jenny Craig

Huge mistake with this Jenny Craig landing page. Kind of odd because weight loss is a multi billion dollar industry. Way to many holes and it looks as if their landing page is their home page. NEVER DO THIS! You will also see so many places that are going to take your away from their site. Such as the blog or “take a quiz” link! You disappoint me Jenny Craig!

If there is anything which I might have missed or if you have a suggestion, please feel free to add it through comments.


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  4. “SEO Brand has a unique methodology that takes a hybrid statistical-holistic approach to landing page concept creation and conversion optimization that we call Objective-Statistical Based”. I actually don’t have that much idea about SEO Brand. But thanks for sharing such valuable post.

  5. Yeah..Landing pages play a very important role in getting traffic. Thanks for sharing nice tips for designing landing pages and good that you have shared some bad landing pages also as a examples.


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