25 Unique Semicolon Tattoos


While punctually they are used between two clauses or to indicate a pause, in tattoo form, they are used to express the power within yourself. 

Dedicated to promoting hope and love from within, the semicolon tattoo movement has grown increasingly popular over the past few years, and shows no sings of slowing down. Semicolon tattoos are not only great for those looking to express their inner love, but also for those with a history of depression, self-harm, and addiction. The entire semicolon tattoo movement has acted as somewhat of a support system for these individuals, letting them know that they are certainly not alone.

In addition to being largely helpful, supportive, and encouraging towards those with past mental illnesses, semicolon tattoos also look great and can be placed just about anywhere on the body.

Though the most common place to find a semicolon tattoo is on someone’s wrist, certain people prefer to have them on their neck, foot, ribs, or back.

In order to properly showcase some of the different semicolon placements, designs, and fonts, we have put together a list of 25 unique semicolon tattoos. Enjoy!

1. Semicolon Tattoo With A Date On It

Though the tattoo looks nice, it is most likely in remembrance of someone lost to suicide or addiction.

Semicolon Tattoo With A Date On It

2. Cont;nue

A very powerful message, especially for those who engage in self-harm.


3. A Semicolon Heart

A great way to add some uniqueness to a simple heart tattoo.

A Semicolon Heart

4. Semicolon Tattoo With A Rather Original Font

Another great way to put your own personal twist on an already established, very well-known symbol.

Semicolon Tattoo With A Rather Original Font

5. Semicolon Music Note Tattoo

Another group full of semicolon enthusiasts, musicians!

Semicolon Music Note Tattoo

6. Semicolon Heartbeat Tattoo

Perhaps the most straightforward design of them all, indicating the need and will to keep going.

Semicolon Heartbeat Tattoo

7. Semicolon Tattoo Behind The Ear

One of the only tattoo designs that can be so well hidden, even on your head.

Semicolon Tattoo Behind The Ear

8. Surv;vor 

Another great semicolon tattoo quote, with the word “live” written right beside it.


9. Semicolon Butterfly

For obvious reasons, a butterfly is also very symbolic for those overcoming depression, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts.

Semicolon Butterfly

10. Live

Often times, the semicolon will be incorporated into the word itself.


11. My Story Isn’t Over

Very true and easy to relate to for those in the self-harm world.

My Story Isn’t Over

12. Warr;or 

The popular warr;or semicolon tattoo quote, with some additional imagery added in.


13. A Semicolon Ankle Tattoo

Great to show off while wearing sandals.

Semicolon Ankle Tattoo

14. Semicolon With Flowers

Two positive, uplifting symbols combined into one.

Semicolon With Flowers

15. A Semicolon Infinity Symbol

Another very popular image association.

Semicolon Infinity Symbol

16. Semicolon Finger Tattoo

Truly a great place for semicolon tattoos.

Semicolon Finger Tattoo

17. A Watercolored Semicolon Tattoo

Bright colors are proven to make you smile, making watercolor a great choice for those in the market for a semicolon tattoo.

Watercolor Semicolon Tattoo

18. This Too Shall Pass

A great reminder when going through some tough times.

This Too Shall Pass

19. A Semicolon Cat Tattoo

Especially helpful to those who love cats!

Semicolon Cat Tattoo

20. Just Breathe

Another great placement, and quote. Sometimes you need to just breathe!

;ust Breathe

21. A Semicolon Pinky Tattoo

Not as easy to hide as it is on the other fingers, however, it does fit well.

Semicolon Pinky Tattoo

22. Semicolon Tattoo In White Ink

Though they are very subtle and rather hard to see from a distance, white ink semicolon tattoos have a lot of meaning behind them.

Semicolon Tattoo In White Ink

23. You Are The Author Semicolon Tattoo

Very helpful and also very true. One of the best quotes around for promoting inner strength.

You Are The Author Semicolon Tattoo

24. Semicolon With Birds

A great way to incorporate birds into your semicolon tattoo design.

Semicolon With Birds

25. Matching Semicolon Tattoos

Great for friends and couples!

Matching Semicolon Tattoos


For anyone who has or is currently suffering from depression, self-harm, or addiction, semicolon tattoos are hugely beneficial. Not only do they serve as positive, uplifting reminders, but they let you know that you’re not alone.


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