20 Superb Blessed Tattoos


In order to properly express their gratitude and gratefulness towards life, many people choose to get blessed tattoos. Often accompanied by spiritual fonts, bible verses, or crosses, these tattoos are considered to be predominantly faith based, and are worn by many christians and catholics.

In addition to the extra layer of positivity that blessed tattoos can bring into your life, they can also express your inner faith towards Christ. However, if you are not a believer yourself, blessed tattoos are still an option. Though the vast majority of blessed tattoos are found on religious individuals, many atheists and non-believers wear them as well, proving that blessed is a word for all people, not just those with spiritual views.

Since there is really only one word you can use when getting a blessed tattoo, fonts are often customized, and additional imagery is often added in. This is not only to help give the tattoo some uniqueness, but also to help get the meaning across.


Below is a list of 20 superb blessed tattoos, aimed to show-off some of the many different blessed tattoo designs that exist today.

And whether you are a devoted Christian, or a full-blown atheist, these designs are sure to grab your attention.

1. Blessed Forearm Tattoo Design


Well done, and straight to the point.

Blessed Forearm Tattoo Design

2. Blessed Hand Tattoo

It may be difficult to hide, but it certainly looks great!

Blessed Hand Tattoo

3. Upper Back Blessed Tattoo

Easily covered with any shirt. The blueish green font is also rather unique.

Upper Back Blessed Tattoo

4. A Blessed Tattoo With 3D Font

Another great way to spice up the word, with a three-dimensional font!

Blessed Tattoo With 3D Font

5. Blessed Tattoo With Some Birds

Commonly associated with religion, birds make for great additional blessed tattoo imagery.

Blessed Tattoo With Some Birds

6. Blessed Tattoo With A Crown

A girly font with a crown. Simple, yet lovely.

Blessed Tattoo With A Crown

7. Blessed Tattoo With Praying Hands

Often said to those who are religious or to those who have just sneezed.

Blessed Tattoo With Praying Hands

8. Blessed Collar Bone Tattoo For Men

Another great area to place your blessed tattoo, the collar bone!

Blessed Collar Bone Tattoo For Men

9. Blessed Tattoo With Praying Hands and A Bird

Even without any coloring, this tattoo looks incredible.

Blessed Tattoo With Praying Hands and A Bird

10. Blessed Tattoo For Women

A common blessed tattoo placement for women, the rib cage.

Blessed Tattoo For Women

11. Purplish Blessed Neck Tattoo

A rather unusual color and placement, however, it does look nice.

Purplish Blessed Neck Tattoo

12. Another Neat Blessed Neck Tattoo

This time with a bird and a floating crown!

Another Neat Blessed Neck Tattoo

13. Blessed Leg Tattoo With A Religious Cross

Since the font isn’t too unique, she added in a religious cross!

Blessed Leg Tattoo With A Religious Cross

14. A Nice Truly Blessed Tattoo

Sometimes adding an extra word helps with originality too.

Nice Truly Blessed Tattoo

15. Very Original Font

A very original font with some very original flowers.

Very Original Font

16. Another Cool Blessed Forearm Tattoo.

For obvious reasons, the forearm is the most common placement for blessed tattoos.

Another Cool Blessed Forearm Tattoo

17. Blessed Tattoo With Some Very American Font

Perhaps the most original on the whole entire list! Instead of drastically changing the font style, he just made it red, white, and blue.

Blessed Tattoo With Some Very American Font

18. Another Blessed Tattoo With A Cross

If you look closely, you can also see a white outline.

Another Blessed Tattoo With A Cross

19. Blessed Foot Tattoo With A Heart

You may have to walk around barefoot for a few days to let it heal properly, but if you are ok with that, then your foot is certainly a great place for a blessed tattoo.

Blessed Foot Tattoo With A Heart

20. Blessed Neck Tattoo With Original Design

It is somewhat poorly placed, however, the design is pretty original.

Blessed Neck Tattoo With Original Design


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