20 Edgar Allan Poe Raven Tattoo Ideas With “Nevermore”

poe raven tattoo ideas 20

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore,
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
`’Tis some visitor,’ I muttered, `tapping at my chamber door –
Only this, and nothing more.’

~ Edgar Allan Poe

Chances are you recognized the passage above just by reading the first line. It is the first stanza of Edgar Allan Poe’s narrative poem,  The Raven. This is one of the most popular and widely recognized poems of our time. It has captured the hearts of many, even more than a century after it was first published.

An Edgar Allan Poe Raven tattoo is beautiful, unique and meaningful. A Raven tattoo with the word “Nevermore” is even more meaningful to those who has suffered a loss. This is the only word that the raven would say when the man in the poem is looking for answers to his emotional questions about his lost love, Lenore.

If you’re searching for Edgar Allan Poe raven tattoo ideas with “Nevermore” you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve rounded up a collection of 20 of the most striking Poe raven tattoo ideas with this unforgettable word. Take a look!

Poe Raven Tattoo With “Nevermore”

First up, we have a tattoo of a raven  silhouette sitting on a branch with the word “Nevermore” underneath. It would look good almost anywhere, including on the back, shoulder, or bicep.

poe raven tattoo ideas 1Deviant Art

Poe Raven Tattoo With Skull, Book, Quill, and Quote

If you’re looking for Poe raven tattoo ideas with a little more detail, this next tattoo might fit the bill. It has a detailed raven sitting on a skull with a book and quill pen in the background. This tattoo also has a quote from the poem, “Quoth the raven, ‘Nevermore'”.

Poe Raven tattoo ideas 2Imgur.com

Raven Tattoo With “Nevermore” Feather

The silhouette of the raven in this tattoo is accented with a detailed feather. The word “Nevermore” makes this recognizable as an Edgar Allan Poe raven tattoo.

poe raven tattoo ideas 3Pinterest

Raven Tattoo Ideas Shaped Like “Nevermore”

Here are a couple examples of concrete poetry tattoos. These next tattoos are the word “Nevermore” shaped like a raven.

This raven tattoo made from the word “Nevermore” would make a nice simple tattoo for someone looking for a small tattoo.

poe raven tattoo ideas 4Pinterest

If you want a little more detail to your Raven shaped “Nevermore” tattoo, here’s another nice idea.

poe raven tattoo ideas 5BobbyRotten.com

Realistic Raven Tattoo on a Branch

The detailed raven in this tattoo is sitting on a gnarled branch, giving it a dark feel. People will make no mistake that this is a Poe Raven tattoo with the word “Nevermore” incorporated into it.

poe raven tattoo ideas 6TheTattooBank.com

Raven Tattoo With Nevermore on the Back

The raven in this tattoo is perched ominously on the word “Nevermore”, and it looks absolutely breathtaking on this woman’ back.

poe raven tattoo ideas 7The Autodidact in the Attic

Raven and “Nevermore” Wrist Tattoo

A small tattoo with the word “Nevermore” and a silhouette of a raven makes a nice raven wrist tattoo.

poe raven tattoo ideas 8Tattoo-Kid.com

“Nevermore” Tattoo With Feather and Raven Head

This “Nevermore” tattoo stretched across the chest in a beautiful script. The raven head and decorative feather add to the beauty of this chest tattoo.

poe raven tattoo ideas 9ImgKid.com


“Neverm0re” Script Tattoo With Raven and Feather

Looking for raven tattoo ideas with “Nevermore” in cursive? Here’s an amazing example for you! The raven give it a haunting feel, and the feather adds a soft touch.

poe raven tattoo ideas 10Image Arcade

Raven Tattoo With Cross and Nevermore

Poe raven tattoos make great memorial tattoos too. This tattoo has a raven perched on a cross with the word “Nevermore”. You could also add memorial dates and a name to this tattoo to make it a little more personal.

poe raven tattoo ideas 11Pinterest

Matching Raven Tattoo Ideas

The words “never” and “more” are tattooed on each hand to make this a unique and interesting tattoo. These are great inspiration for matching raven tattoo ideas.

poe raven tattoo ideas 12TattooIdeas247.com

Red Raven Tattoo With “Nevermore”

If you’re looking for Poe raven tattoo ideas with a little color, this red raven tattoo is unique and beautiful.

poe raven tattoo ideas 13CheckOutMyInk.com

Pretty Nevermore Raven Tattoo Ideas for Women

Here are a few Nevermore raven tattoo ideas for women.

The pink swirls add a splash of color to this raven tattoo.

poe raven tattoo ideas 14Deviant Art

Here’s another pretty raven tattoo idea for women with pink flowers on the tree branch.

poe raven tattoo ideas 17Deviant Art

“Nevermore” Tattoo With Raven Feather

This forearm tattoo has the word “Nevermore” with a black raven feather trailing the end.

poe raven tattoo ideas 15Tattooset.com

“Nevermore” Banner Tattoo

This Poe raven tattoo is placed on an ankle, but it would look just as good elsewhere. The “Nevermore” banner could be placed on the shoulder, arm, leg, or back.

poe raven tattoo ideas 16Tattoo Pinners

Ravens From a Feather “Nevermore” Tattoo

The feather in this tattoo breaks up into small ravens. It also has the word “Nevermore” tattooed under it, so there’s no mistake that this is a Poe tattoo.

poe raven tattoo ideas 18Pinterest

Colorful Raven Chest Tattoo

This realistic raven tattoo is colorful and a little haunting.

poe raven tattoo ideas 19The Bohemian Tattoo Club & Gallery

“Nevermore” Foot Tattoo

Poe “Nevermore” tattoos can be placed anywhere, and this foot tattoo is a good example of this.

poe raven tattoo ideas 20Contrariwise.org

Hopefully, you got some great inspiration from these Poe raven tattoo ideas with “Nevermore”. Remember – your raven tattoo can be as simple or complex as you want. You can have just the word “Nevermore”, or you can incorporate the raven, feathers, or other quotes from the poem.

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