16 Memorable Motorcycle Tattoo Design Ideas


There’s no feeling in the world quite like owning and riding a motorcycle. Having a motorcycle, to many, is the epitome of freedom on a crazy modern world. It allows one to ride free, the wind rushing around them and head wherever the road takes them.

A motorcycle tattoo design is a great way to show passion for something you love!

Motorcycle tattoo designs can vary widely. Some people prefer tattoos of realistic motorcycles, while others get inked with fantasy bikes. Skulls and flames are also recurring themes in motorcycle tattoo designs. Some people even choose to get motorcycle tattoos complete with riders. A motorcycle tattoo looks smashing in black and gray, but colored tattoos can look pretty amazing as well.

If you’re looking for your own motorcycle tattoo design, look no further! check out these tattoo ideas for a little inspiration!

1. Motorcycle Rib Tattoo

This motorcycle wrapping around this man’s side is definitely eye catching!

motorcycle tattoo designImage Source

2. Green Motorcycle Tattoo Design

Even bikers need a little color from time to time! This green motorcycle fits the bill perfectly!

motorcycle tattoo designImage Source

3. Small Motorcycle Tattoo

Despite being so small, this motorcycle tattoo design has a lot of detail packed into it!

motorcycle tattoo designImage Source

4. Riding Away Tattoo

This biker is riding off into the sunset, which depicts the freedom and adventure every biker experiences.

motorcycle tattoo designImage Source

5. Leaning Motorcycle Tattoo

Leaning into dangerous curves is just a normal everyday thing for motorcycle racers like this one!

motorcycle tattoo designImage Source

6. Mickey and Minnie Motorcycle Tattoo Design

Mickey and Minnie Mouse on a motorcycle bring out the fun and carefree side of riding down the road on two wheels!

motorcycle tattoo designImage Source

7. Fat Tire Motorcycle Tattoo Design

Love ’em or hate ’em, fat tires on motorcycles are still pretty popular these days, and some people love their fat tires so much that they get them tattooed on their skin!

motorcycle tattoo designImage Source

8. Sitting on a Motorcycle Tattoo

Here’s an amazing detailed portrait of a man on a motorcycle!

motorcycle tattoo designImage Source

9. Flaming Skeleton on Motorcycle Tattoo

A skeleton riding a motorcycle tattoo design is really nothing new, but the flames give this tattoo a scary twist and a dangerous feel to it!

motorcycle tattoo designImage Source

10. Motorcycle Riding Out of Skin

A skeleton motorcycle tattoo design looks even more amazing when it’s ripping out of someone’s chest!

motorcycle tattoo designImage Source

11. Front of Motorcycle Tattoo

Here’s a simple motorcycle tattoo design that’s so well done and detailed, right down to the shadows, that it’s a fantastic piece or artwork!

motorcycle tattoo designImage Source

12. Tribal Motorcycle Tattoo

Some people might prefer this tribal motorcycle tattoo design, which is less complicated but still pretty awesome looking!

motorcycle tattoo designImage Source

13. Red and Black Motorcycle Tribal

A little pop of color can also be added to a tribal motorcycle tattoo design.

motorcycle tattoo designImage Source

14. Biker Tattoo Design

A tough biker on his ride make a truly eye catching and memorable motorcycle tattoo design!

motorcycle tattoo designImage Source

15. Motorcycle Leg Tattoo

The leg is the perfect place to fit a full motorcycle tattoo design!

motorcycle tattoo designImage Source

16. Arm Motorcycle Tattoo

motorcycle tattoo designImage Source

And, this motorcycle and rider tattoo fits equally well on the biceps and forearm!
Motorcycle tattoo designs aren’t just for hard core bikers either. Anyone with a passion for motorcycles and the freedom of the open road can opt for a motorcycle tattoo design! All that’s required is a love for riding.

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