14 Crazy Dyed Beard Examples


Beard have been around for ages, and most men have sported one or will sport one at least once in their lifetime. Lately, though, the beard has become something of a fashion trend. Men have been growing ass sorts of beards, from classic goatees to trimmed scruff to full on lumberjack beards. Since the enthusiasm surrounding beards has flared up once again at the same time that colorful dyed hair has become a fashion statement, the dyed beard was only a matter of time!

And by dyed beard, I don’t mean your typical beard color. I’m talkin’ every color of the rainbow, sometimes all at once! Although they haven’t quite made it to the mainstream just yet, dyed beards are creeping up there. It may just be a matter of time before seeing a blue, green, red, or even pink or purple beard on the street is commonplace!

Ready to dip your toes in the colorful beard pool? Check out these interesting colorfu dyed beards for some ideas!

1. Rainbow Dyed Beard

This colorful dyed beard makes me wonder if this guy really did taste the rainbow!

dyed beardImage Source

2. Red, White, and Blue Beard

There’s really very little question about this guy’s patriotism!

dyed beardImage Source

3. Blue and Purple Beard

Well, at least the pretty blue and purple colored beard extends to his handlebar mustache and slicked back hair…

dyed beardImage Source

4. Dyed Red Goatee and Mustache

A bright red dyed beard is definitely an eye catcher, isn’t it?

dyed beardImage Source

5. Long Red Dyed Beard

And, how about this crazy lookin’ dude with a crazy lookin’ long red beard?

dyed beardImage Source

6. Pink Beard and Hair

This guy went all out and dyed his beard pink ,but at least it was for charity. Or was it…?

dyed beardImage Source

7. Light Pink Beard

I’m not sure what the story is behind this pink dyed beard, but I’m sure it’s an interesting one!

dyed beardImage Source

8. Teal Beard and Hair

Teal seems to be a hot color for dyed beards, and this trimmed teal beard actually looks pretty great!

dyed beardImage Source

9. Teal Beard and Mohawk

This gentleman looks like he’s headed to a black tie affair, teal beard, mohawk, and all!

dyed beardImage Source

10. Emerald Green Beard

I have to admit that I’m kinda lovin’ this deep emerald green colored beard…

dyed beardImage Source

11. Turquoise Blue Beard

The purple mohawk was definitely a great choice, other wise the turquoise blue beard would look a little strange, dontcha think?

dyed beardImage Source

12. Light Blue Beard

See? A colorful mohawk would just top this look right off!

dyed beardImage Source

13. Bright Blue Beard

A bright blue beard with matching hair is quite the fashion statement!

dyed beardImage Source

14. Yellow Dyed Beard

A yellow beard…enough said.

dyed beardImage Source

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  1. Hi there….look I’m just trying to find a branded dye for beards. Yellow Red Green and Purple..Semi permanent preferred but anything to be honest..would be much appreciated


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