16 Pretty in Pink Tattoo Designs


Pink tattoos are sweet and feminine tattoos for women. Pink ribbon tattoos are often popular choices to honor loved ones who have battled breast cancer. However, there are so many other tattoo designs that can be inked in pink too!

Getting a pink tattoo can be a bit tricky, though. Like white tattoos, light pink tattoo designs may not show up well on all skin tones. Generally speaking, pink tattoos show up best on lighter skin. That’s not to say that pink tattoos won’t show up well on darker skin tones. They may look bright and vibrant at first, only to fade to a dull unattractive color later. It really depends on so many factors, including the actual skin being inked, the shade of pink used, and the talent of the tattoo artist.

Even if you have a darker complexion, though, don’t completely discount pink tattoo designs! They can still look amazing on any skin tone! Check out some of these pink ink tattoo designs to see what I mean!

1. Tiny Pink Bow Finger Tattoo

A tiny ink bow can make a sweet and subtle tattoo design for women.

pink tattoo desigsImage Source

2. Infinity Love Pink Wrist Tattoo

The infinity love tattoo is a popular choice for many women these days, and inking it in pink adds a nice feminine touch.

pink tattoo desigsImage Source

3. Hearts Foot Tattoo in ink Ink

Three interconnecting hearts on the foot make a cute pink tattoo for women.

pink tattoo desigsImage Source

4. Pink Squid Tattoo

Why would anyone want a pink tattoo of a squid you ask? Because it’s adorable!

pink tattoo desigsImage Source

5. Pink Deer and Forest Tattoo

Despite its simplicity, or perhaps because of it, this pink tattoo is utterly gorgeous!

pink tattoo desigsImage Source

6. Pink and White Flower Foot Tattoo

Pink ink is a fantastic way to highlight white tattoos too, as shown in this white and pink tattoo on the foot.

pink tattoo desigsImage Source

7. Pink Rose Forearm Tattoo

A pink rose symbolizes deep love, elegance, and grace, and this pink tattoo of a rose captures that perfectly!

pink tattoo desigsImage Source

8. Pink Pi Tattoo

Pi tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, and this pink version is beautifully feminine!

pink tattoo desigsImage Source

9. Pink Diamond Tattoo

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and diamonds are also forever—just like this cute pink diamond tattoo.

pink tattoo desigsImage Source

10. Pink Birds Wrist Tattoo

Pink birds and lips grace an elegant wrist.

pink tattoo desigsImage Source

11. Pink Ink Owl Tattoo

This beautiful pink tattoo of an owl was a wise choice for this young woman.

pink tattoo desigsImage Source

12. Pink Phoenix Tattoo

If traditional Phoenix tattoos are a little too much for you, try a more feminine pink tattoo of a Phoenix.

pink tattoo desigsImage Source

13. Pink Swallow Tattoo

A cute little pink swallow was beautifully inked, and it makes a gorgeous and eye catching tattoo!

pink tattoo desigsImage Source

14. Anchor Tattoo With Pink Ink

Pink ink makes for a girlier version of the classic anchor tattoo.

pink tattoo desigsImage Source

15. Pink Shooting Stars Shoulder Tattoo

Pink shooting stars on the shoulder are a little whimsical and quite charming.

pink tattoo desigsImage Source

16. Pink Angel Wings Tattoo

Make an angel wings tattoo even more feminine by having them inked in pink.

pink tattoo desigsImage Source

As you can see, there are so many different pink tattoo designs! You can have a favorite symbol or quote inked in pink, or just about anything else you want. Be sure to talk with a couple different experienced tattoo artists before getting a pink tattoo, though. Choosing the right tattoo artist could mean the difference between a gorgeous pink ink tattoo and a faded poorly colored tattoo.

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