17 Subtle White Ink Wrist Tattoo Ideas

white ink wrist tattoo 11

All white ink tattoos weren’t commonplace several years ago. White tattoo ink was, and still is, used primarily as a highlight color in traditional tattoos. However, a white tattoo trend seems to have caught on, and they are becoming less and less unusual.

Unlike a regular tattoo, a white ink wrist tattoo is very subtle and sometimes hardly noticeable. Part of this is due to the location of the tattoo, but mostly due to the lack of pigment in the ink. A white ink wrist tattoo is so subtle that it can turn out to look like a beautiful scar on some people.

If you’re considering a white ink wrist tattoo, it’s very important to do your research beforehand. White tattoos aren’t for everyone. White ink tattoos may not show up at all on very pale skin, for example, or they may look odd on freckled skin. Choose your tattoo artist wisely as well, since an inexperience tattoo artist can easily mess up a white tattoo, which can cause unsightly scarring or premature fading. Talk with an experience tattoo artist before getting a white wrist tattoo. He or she can help you determine if a white ink tattoo is a good fit for you and show you examples of their own white ink tattoos.

Are you ready for some great white ink wrist tattoos? Read on!

1. White Elephant Wrist Tattoo

Ink a white elephant on your wrist for good luck.

white ink wrist tattoo 1.jpgImage Source

2. Motherhood White Ink Writ Tattoo

If you’re looking for a subtle mother tattoo, a Celtic motherhood kknot in white ink on the wrist might be a great choice!

white wrist tattooImage Source

3. White Puzzle Piece Wrist Tattoo

Add a hint of mystery with a white ink wrist tattoo in the shape of a puzzle piece.

white wrist tattooImage Source

4. White Lotus Flower Wrist Tattoo

Enlighten yourself with a white lotus flower wrist tattoo.

white wrist tattooImage Source

5. Star Shaped White Wrist Tattoo

A white wrist tattoo in the shape of a star is subtle, classic, and unique.

white wrist tattooImage Source

6. White Ankh Wrist Tattoo

An ankh represents eternal life and balance, and it makes a great choice for a white ink wrist tattoo.

white wrist tattooImage Source

7. Bird Wrist Tattoo in White Ink

A simple bird on the inside of the wrist in white ink to symbolize freedom.

white wrist tattooImage Source

8. White Swallow Wrist Tattoo

A swallow is a beautiful subject for a white wrist tattoo.

white wrist tattooImage Source

9. White Feather Wrist Tattoo

A feather tattoo done in white ink has a soft look and a subtle feel to it.

white wrist tattooImage Source

10. Angel Wing White Ink Wrist Tattoos

hat better color for these matching angel wing wrist tattoos than white?

white wrist tattooImage Source

11. Ornate Heart White Wrist Tattoo

This ornate heart white wrist tattoo is delicately complex.

white ink wrist tattoo 11

Image Source

12. White Ink Cross Tattoo on the Wrist

Show your faith with a subtle cross tattoo in white ink.

white wrist tattooImage Source

13. White Infinity Symbol Wrist Tattoo

The infinity symbol is becoming a popular tattoo choice for women, and it looks stunning in white ink!

white wrist tattooImage Source

14. White Heartbeat Wrist Tattoo

A symbolic heartbeat can mean any number of things to different people.

white wrist tattooImage Source

15. Inspirational Courage Wrist Tattoo

An inspirational quote in white ink on the wrist sends a subtle yet powerful message.

white wrist tattooImage Source

16. Let it Be Wrist Tattoo in White Ink

A great reminder to let things be when necessary.

white wrist tattooImage Source

17. White Courage Wrist Tattoo

It’s amazing how one simple word could send such a strong message!

white wrist tattooImage Source

Like other fresh tattoos, proper aftercare for white ink is imperative to avoid scarring. Because the pigment in white ink tattoos is so light, scarring can be more glaringly obvious in these than in other tattoos. Keep in mind that a white tattoo on the wrist might also need to be touched up from time to time.

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