12 Scary Shark Tattoos For 2015


Every year, the world looks forward to something on the Discovery Channel called Shark Week. With this amazing time, there is nothing on that channel but really cool documentaries and specials all about the deadliest predator to swim in the ocean. Not only is Shark Week popular, but the movies called Jaws are too, and even to this day, people will watch the classic movie with the giant man-eating shark. Do you all like the Jaws movies? Do you like sharks?

Some people love shark so much that they decide to get a tattoo of one, and we have the proof right here! We have found 12 Scary Shark Tattoos for 2015, because this year is the one of the shark! Okay, the time for words is over now because it is time to check out these absolutely amazing shark tattoos. Are you ready to check out the list of scary shark tattoos? If so, you can go ahead and scroll down now.

Many Sharks Swimming Back Tattoo

This person loves sharks so much that they decided to have many different kinds of sharks pull all over their back! How do you all feel about this many sharks in one area?

Many Sharks Swimming Back TattooMany Sharks Swimming Back Tattoo

Great White Shark with Open Mouth Tattoo

Whenever Great White sharks are shown on television, the big fish has its mouth open, and this tattoo shows a Great White with its mouth nice and wide and look at those sharp pointed teeth!

Great White Shark with Open Mouth TattooGreat White Shark with Open Mouth Tattoo

Great White Shark Face Tattoo

Shark tattoos are cool, but would you have one put on your face? Well, this young man decided to buck the norm, and had a tattoo put right on the side of his face! What do you think of it?

Great White Shark Face TattooGreat White Shark Face Tattoo

School of Hammerhead Sharks Arm Tattoo

This is an amazing tattoo on the arm of a whole school of hammerhead sharks swimming around some ancient ruins, and it doesn’t even look like a tattoo because of the blue coloring and also the amazing ink work.

School of Hammerhead Sharks Arm TattooSchool of Hammerhead Sharks Arm Tattoo

Whole Shark Arm Tattoo

Here is a beautiful shark that goes down the whole arm, and you can see its fins, and the curves of its powerful body.

Whole Shark Arm TattooWhole Shark Arm Tattoo

Colored Great White Shark Arm Tattoo

Oh my! This is one scary tattoo because of its brilliant color, and its going right down the arm, which is a great place to put it!

Colored Great White Shark Arm TattooColored Great White Shark Arm Tattoo

Mad Shark Bursting out of the Water Tattoo

Now this is a cool tattoo because it looks like the shark is bursting out of the water, and it has a mad insane expression on its face.

Mad Shark Bursting out of the Water TattooMad Shark Bursting out of the Water Tattoo

3-D Grey Ink Shark Tattoo

This tattoo is an exact replica of the Jaws shark from the third movie, which is in 3-D, and it does look like the shark is ready to come through the skin!

3-D Grey Ink Shark Tattoo3-D Grey Ink Shark Tattoo

Grey Ink Swimming Shark Back Tattoo

Here is a tattoo in grey ink of a shark just swimming along in the ocean, and its pretty cool because it does look pretty realistic.

Grey Ink Swimming Shark Back TattooGrey Ink Swimming Shark Back Tattoo

Blue Shark Tattoo

This is one mellow shark, and its pretty impressive seeing just how detailed this shark is especially with the shape of its body.

Blue Shark TattooBlue Shark Tattoo

Wide Open Mouth Shark Colored Neck Tattoo

Okay, how many of you would love to have this shark with the wide open mouth tattooed on the back of your neck? Is this now a frightening tattoo that would freak you out if you saw a shark like this?

Wide Open Mouth Shark Colored Neck TattooWide Open Mouth Shark Colored Neck Tattoo

Swimming Shark with Open Mouth

Now this shark is ready for battle! The swimming shark has stopped and turned now bearing its sharp teeth, which makes it look mega scary!

Swimming Shark with Open MouthSwimming Shark with Open Mouth

So, were we right about the fact that people love sharks so much? Did these man-eating shark tattoos surprise or impress you? If you have anything to say about these tattoos, be sure to leave us a comment below. However, if you didn’t like these tattoos, we have links to even more lists below. All you have to do is click on a link, and you’ll be on a new page in no time. Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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