12 Clever and Amazing Amputee Tattoos


Losing a limb or digit is a traumatic and tragic experience. There’s no doubt about that! It’s not unusual or uncommon for amputees to go through a period of depression during their long and painful recovery. However, some amputees are able to maintain a sense of humor and make the best of an awful situation!

Amputee tattoos are clever and often huorous tattoos that put a fun spin on what is most likely a person’s worst experience. Yes, many amutee tattoos are a little morbid and twisted, but they’re also pretty darn funny too!

If you’re an amputee or just have an an unusual sense of humor, these amputee tattoos should give you a chuckle or two…

1. Shark Amputated Arm Tattoo

How awesome would this amputee tattoo be after a tragic shark attack? Hey, at least his sense of humor is still in tact!

amputee tattoosImage Source

2. Explanation Amputee Tattoos

Sick of all the questions? Answer them before they’re asked with an amputee tattoo like one of these! Of course, these amutee tattoos may actually bring on more questions that the actual amputations themselves, but at least they’re interesting conversation starters.

amputee tattoosImage Source

amputee tattoosImage Source

3. No Room for Hate Tattoo

This amputee tattoo puts an interesting and positive spin on the classic “Love” and “Hate” finger tattoos!

amputee tattoosImage Source

4. Eyeball Finger Tattoo

A finger tattoo like this gives whole new meaning to “I’ve got my eye on you!”

amputee tattoosImage Source

5. Lawnmower Toe Tattoo

This clever lad had an unfortunate mishap with a lawnmower. He later got a cartoon lawnmower (and a feroscious looking one at that!) tattooed on his foot. As an added bonus, this amputee tattoo should serve as a reminder to be a little more careful next time, no?

amputee tattoosImage Source

6. Dotted Line Amputee Tattoo

Makes me wonder if this dotted line tattoo was there before the amputation… Oh, boy—I hope not, otherwise somebody


has some ‘splaining to do!

amputee tattoosImage Source

7. Some Assembly Required Tattoo

I can’t help but giggle about this “Some Assembly Required” amputee tattoo! Now let’s just hope he didn’t keep the other parts for assembly…

amputee tattoosImage Source

8. Giant Thumb Tattoo

This giant thumb tattoo on an amputated arm will definitely make people look twice!

amputee tattoosImage Source

9. Dolphin Tattoo on Amutated Arm

This man lost his arm in a freak accident during his childhood. He hated the stump dor years…until he had the dolphin tattooed on it. Something tells me he gets quite a few compliments on it now!

amputee tattoosImage Source

10. I’m With Stumpy Tattoo

You’ve gotta admit…this is pretty funny!

amputee tattoosImage Source

11. One Foot in the Grave Tattoo

So is this one! Morbid, but funny!

amputee tattoosImage Source

12. Gone to Market Tattoo

This little piggy went to market! Oh, yes he did! I highly doubt he’ll be back any time soon, though.

amputee tattoosImage Source

Amputee tattoos are more difficult than traditional tattoos. An amputation, not surprisingly, the body and skin has been heavily traumatized. Not only do tattoo artists need to worry about covering scar tissue, but the amputee may also have to worry about the pain during the process. If you’re an amputee considering a tattoo on an amputated limb or digit, be sure to seek out a tattoo artist who has experience working on traumatized skin.

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