10 Crazy Clever Tattoo Fixes


Here at SloDive, we’re all about expressing yourself with body art. Tattoos, for instance, are a great way to express your individuality, decorate your body, and show your love and passion for something. Tattoos are a permanent reminder of a special time, place, or person in your life.

Permanent isn’t always a good thing though! As much as a person thinks that they want a tattoo at first, there’s always a chance that things might not end up the way they expect. Factors ranging from a bad tattoo artist to a broken relationship might make someone regret their tattoo down the road. Tattoo cover ups are sometimes an option, but these can be difficult and expensive. That’s where tattoo fixes come in!

Tattoo artists can sometimes use clever tattoo fixes instead of cover ups for bad tattoos. No matter how bad a tattoo is, there just might be some interesting and clever tattoo fixes that can be used to turn a bad tattoo into something a little more bearable.

Don’t believe us? Check out some of these clever tattoo fixes for proof!

1. Voided Name Tattoo

Sometimes relationships just don’t work out, and tattoo fixes for ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends aren’t uncommon at all. This guy, for instance, decided to simply “void” his ex’s name. Seems like a logical choice!

tattoo fixesImage Source

2. Clever Edited Tattoo

Grammar and spelling mistakes in tattoos are the worst! This edited tattoo is both useful and fun, though! This clever tattoo fix not only corrects the spelling mistakes, but also adds some additional elements to make it look like an edited school paper.

tattoo fixesImage Source

3. Bad Pikachu Tattoo Fixed

Here’s a possible solution for people looking for clever tattoo fixes for small bad tattoos. A bad Pikachu tattoo is fixed and turned into a cute little work of art by turning Pikachu into an artist himself!

tattoo fixesImage Source

4. Ralph Lauren Tattoo

Some clever tattoo fixes are just so simple! This guy turned a tattoo of his ex-lover’s name into some free advertisement for designer Ralph Lauren.

tattoo fixesImage Source


5. Crossed Out Tattoo Fixes

This is proof that tattoo fixes don’t have to be super complicated. Hopefully he doesn’t have too many more lady friends, or he’s likely to run out of room. I can’t help but think, though, that some women, particularly his future mates, might not find this as amusing as he does.

tattoo fixesImage Source

6. Stuff Happens Tattoo Fix

Ain’t that the truth?!

tattoo fixesImage Source

7. Screw You Tattoo Fix

Poor Andy… I guess she told him!

tattoo fixesImage Source

8. Scribbled Tattoo Fix

Who said clever tattoo fixes had to be masterpieces? Scribbled tattoo fixes probably feel pretty darn good and release some frustration too!

tattoo fixesImage Source

9. Painted Over Tattoo Fix

True, this technically is a tattoo cover up, but I wouldn’t call it a true cover up. The original tattoo is still visible, and it’s even part of the new design.

tattoo fixesImage Source

10. Teenage Mistake Tattoo Fix

Hey—at least she’s honest about it!

tattoo fixesImage Source

Tattoo fixes should be well thought out and designed in advance. When you’re trying to fix a tattoo, the last thing you want is to make it worse. Talk to an experienced and talented tattoo artist about tattoo fixes, and he or she can probably help you come up with a clever design to suit your needs.

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