11 Rebellious Pirate Flag Tattoo Design Ideas


At one time, the sight of the Jolly Roger flag, with the skull and cross bones on a black background, struck fear into the hearts of many and made blood run cold. It was a symbol of swashbucklers and pirates. Today, the pirate flag is recognized as a unique and fascinating piece of history.

Pirate flag tattoos are widely requested, which makes them a unique choice. There are also several different styles of pirate flags to choose from. Some have a skull and crossbones, for instance, while others have a skull and swords. Meanings of pirate flag tattoos can also vary from person to person. It can be seen as a symbol of treachery and thievery, but it can also be seen as a symbol of rebellion, loyalty, strong will, and a free spirit. Sailors and travelers might also favor a pirate flag tattoo due to its association with the sea. It all boils down to what a pirate flag symbolizes to the person getting inked, though. A pirate flag can mean anything you want it to mean.

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect pirate flag tattoo, take a look at some of the ideas below for a little insiration.

1. Simple Pirate Flag Tattoo

The menacing skull with two curved swords in its mouth make this simple pirate tattoo a fascinating piece of artwork.

pirate flag tattooImage Source

2. “Dead Men Tell No Tales” Pirate Flag Tattoo

A perfect quote for a pirate flag tattoo is “Dead Men Tell no Tales”.

pirate flag tattooImage Source

3. Quote and Pirate Flag Arm Tattoo

But, you can put any quote you want with a pirate flag tattoo.

pirate flag tattooImage Source

4. Pirate Flag With American Flag Tattoo

If you want to pair your pirate flag tattoo with another flag, consider placing the American flag just above it.

pirate flag tattooImage Source

5. Pirate Themed Tattoo

The pirate flag in this tattoo is joined by several other aspects of the pirate life, including a parrot, gold doubloon, and a pirate herself.

pirate flag tattooImage Source

6. Tattered Pirate Flag Tattoo

This pirate flag looks like it’s seen better days, but it still makes a spectacular tattoo!

pirate flag tattooImage Source

7. Pirate Flag Flying Forearm Tattoo

A pirate flag flying on the forearm is an eye catching design!

pirate flag tattooImage Source

8. Ripped Pirate Flag Tattoo

An old worn pirate flag flying on the bicep is a masculine and interesting design.

pirate flag tattooImage Source

9. Pirate Flag Neck Tattoo

It would be hard to miss this outstanding pirate flag neck tattoo!

pirate flag tattooImage Source

10. Red and Black Pirate Flag Tattoo

Add a little color to your pirate flag tattoo by adding a red bandana to the skull.

pirate flag tattooImage Source

11. Skull With Crossed Swords Flag

The crossed swords are a classic element in some Jolly Roger designs and add a great element to pirate flag tattoos.

pirate flag tattooImage Source

Hopefully you found some great inspiration for your own pirate flag tattoo! If you liked these tattoos, be sure to check out these 30 Mind-Blowing Pirate Tattoos, 30 Cool Rebel Flag Tattoos, and 22 Rebellious Confederate Flag Tattoo Design Ideas for Women and Men!


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