Best Tattoo Kits | Easy-to-Use & Affordable Options for Beginners


Becoming a professional tattoo artist isn’t easy.

However, by learning the ins and outs of the industry and interacting with other artists, you have a good chance of reaching your goals faster and easier.

Of course, investing in the best tattoo kits for beginners is important too.

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Comparison of The Best Tattoo Kits for Beginners
The Best Tattoo Kits for Beginners
    1. Dragonhawk Rotary Machine Kit
    2. Hildbrandt Tattoo Kit
    3. Atomus Cartridge Tattoo Machine Kit
    4. Tatooine Complete Tattoo Kit
    5. A-minusone Rotary Tattoo Kit
    6. Solong Tattoo Complete Tattoo Kit
    7. Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit
    8. Hawink Complete Tattoo Kit
    9. Tuffking Tattoo Gun Kit
    10. Wormhole Tattoo Pen Kit
Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Tattoo Kits for Beginners
Coil Tattoo Gun vs Rotary Tattoo Gun vs Pneumatic Tattoo Gun
Tips for Beginner Tattoo Artists
Frequently Asked Questions

This guide will tell you what to expect from the best tattoo starter kits on the market and how to pick the right one for you.

It will help you narrow down your choices so you can be on your way to reaching your dream of becoming a professional tattoo artist in no time.

Comparison of The Best Tattoo Kits for Beginners

Tattoo Kit BrandMechanical TypeMaintenanceNumber of PiecesMotion QualityCheck Price
Dragon Hawkeditor_badge

RotaryLow20Allows fluid hand movementCheck Price
HildbrandtCoil and RotaryLow (rotary); high (coil)303Allows fluid hand movementCheck Price
AtomusRotaryLow24Lightweight and easy on hand movementCheck Price
TattooineRotaryLow252+Low vibration and easy on hand movemenCheck Price
A-minusoneRotaryLow73 Allows stable and fluid hand movementCheck Price

The Best Tattoo Kits for Beginners

Ready to become the best in the industry? You can start by investing in these tattoo kits for new artists.

1. Dragonhawk Complete Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine Kit

The Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit is the perfect partner for tattoo artists, particularly beginners.

This rotary tattoo machine kit has a simple and classic design that is suited for precise line work, solid color packing, and black and grey shading. The machine is protected by a seamless frame and is lightweight.

The Dragonhawk Tour Machine can function up to at least 3,000 hours which we personally like. It is made of a custom mast coreless motor.

If you are a beginner, you can’t go wrong with this kit- it comes with all the supplies you need to start tattooing.

Included in the Kit:

  • Pen machine
  • Inks
  • Cartridges
  • Needles
  • Power supply
  • Foot pedal

Other Product Features/Inclusions 

The Dragonhawk tattoo cartridge needles have a #12 diameter that is polished, long taper, and reliable for all-purpose work.

The cartridge can easily be changed or replaced. Its membrane mechanism is designed to prevent the ink to spit back.

The design of the needle and membrane allows a more fluid tattooing procedure. The tattoo pen is great because it is suitable for all skin types.

The kits are checked for completeness and adjusted for functionality before shipping out to customers.


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Compatible with most standard tattoo power supplies
  • Well-researched and well-tested
  • Stable and controllable
  • Replacement for cartridge needle is available


  • Not durable
  • The tattoo pen vibrates a little

2. Hildbrandt Tattoo Kit

The Hildbrandt Tattoo Kit is made of 303 pieces of tattoo supplies and tools. It is perfect for those who are looking for a comprehensive tattoo kit. 

The Hildbrandt Kit features 0.44 Magnum coil liner, 0.38 caliber coil shader, Witcher rotary 4.5watts JEX0 motor with 3.5mm stroke liner, and Weaver rotary 4.5watt motor with 3.0mm stroke shader.

This 2-coil tattoo machine is made of 0.44 magnum coil liner which features 10-wrap compact coils with short liner springs on a compact and semi-cutback frame. 

The Witcher has an output power of up to 10,000RPM which can push large configuration needles.

It comes with a professional afterlife dual machine power supply with duty cycle readout and continuous run function.

Included in the Kit:

  • RCA conversion kit
  • Radiant Colors ½ oz, 7 primary color tattoo ink set
  • Pre-sterilized disposable tube grips
  • Stainless steel tubes
  • Iron foot pedal
  • Transfer paper
  • Practice skin
  • Hildbrandt premium tattoo needles
  • Clip cords
  • O rings pack
  • Grommets pack
  • Machine adjustment spanner
  • Aluminum grip with tube
  • Tattoo tubes cleaning brush set
  • Stainless steel autoclavable ink cup holder
  • Ink cup pack
  • Rubber bands pack
  • Skin Scribe Pe
  • Disposable Razors
  • Squeeze bottle/ink bottle
  • Professional carrying case

Other Product Features/Inclusions:

The good thing about the Hildbrandt Tattoo kit is that it includes an online training system that combines support from the TeachMeToTattoo website.

It includes the Tattoo Supply & Equipment Crash Course 101, a comprehensive textbook on Basic Fundamentals of Modern Tattoo, Hildbrandt Training DVD, and hardware.

Customers can avail of exclusive membership with the TeachMeToTattoo website. The exclusive membership gives you access to video tutorials and guides on professional tattooing as well as access to a supportive online community.


  • The most complete tattoo kit 
  • Offers online support (online crash course, textbook, and tutorials)
  • Affordable and user-friendly
  • Gentle to use on the skin


  • Not easy to maintain
  • Some tools are faulty
  • The package arrives with incomplete contents

3. Atomus Cartridge Tattoo Machine Kit


The Atmos Cartridge Tattoo machine kit is an ergonomically designed pen-style machine that we highly recommend for beginners getting used to tattooing.

The machine is made from zinc alloy. It provides long-lasting stability, and low noise. This tattoo machine produces an output power of 9,000RPM and a stable operation between 6-9V with a DC cord.

The machine is power-efficient. The machine stops and goes to sleep mode when not in use for five minutes.

The machine can switch to the working mode when you press the foot pedal, or rotate the button. It automatically turns off when an abnormal current is experienced.

Included in the Kit:

  • 1pc Pen Rotary tattoo machine
  • 1pc DC clip cord
  • 1pc power supply with cable
  • 20pcs assorted sizes of cartridge needles
  • 1pc foot pedal

Other Product Features/Inclusions:

It comes with 20 pieces of high-grade quality needles, and semi-transparent tips. The needle heads are 316L steel for high hardness and fast coloring.

The needle’s length is easily adjustable by rotating the tattoo machine pen.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Compatible with most cartridge needles


  • Not durable
  • Unresponsive customer service 

4. Tatooine Complete Tattoo Kit

Tattoo Kit Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit Professional Tattoo Gun

Machine Design and Performance: 

The Tatooine Complete Tattoo Kit is suitable for all tattoo artists whether beginner or professional.

The tattoo machine is made of aluminum alloy. It produces high power and low vibration. It is compatible with all cartridge needles.

The power supply is very compact that it can fit inside your pocket. It has standard voltage settings and accurate voltage regulation.

The machine’s performance is very stable which makes this kit highly recommended by tattoo artists.

Included in the Kit: 

  • Tattoo pen machine
  • Power supply
  • 20 pieces of cartridge needles
  • 14 pieces of tattoo inks
  • Tattoo ink cup holders
  • 100 pieces of big tattoo ink cups
  • 100 pieces of small tattoo ink cups
  • Foot pedal
  • 10 pieces after creams
  • 2 disposable gloves
  • Practice skin
  • Transfer paper
  • Carry case

Other Product Features/Inclusions:

It comes with 4 different kinds of needles for lining and shading: RL3, RL5, MI5, and MI7. The needles are easy to install and individually packed.

The kit comes with 14 tattoo inks that are sterilized by gamma rays. The inks are reliable to use and can produce a variety of colors.


  • Light and portable
  • The carry case is multifunctional and spacious
  • Customer service is available
  • Stable performance


  • Poor ink quality that may burn the skin
  • Complicated to setup
  • It can overheat when used for a long time  

5. A-minusone Rotary Tattoo Kit For Beginners

The A-minusone tattoo pen features a non-slip design. For beginners, the feature is a huge help since you won’t have to worry about losing control of it while doing your work.

Plus, it has a scale design that can show the needle’s depth. The needle’s depth is adjustable by rotating the tattoo grip.

It is low noise and can run for a long time. And the best part? The tattoo pen is compatible with most tattoo cartridges.

It has an adjustable cartridge needle with a length ranging from 0-4mm. The needles are suitable for most tattoo pens.

This is a good start-up kit for beginning tattoo artists. It is a quality tattoo kit that can last for 1-2 years.

Included in the Kit:

  • Rocket a-minusone tattoo pen
  • DC clip cord
  • 1 piece 30 ml tattoo inks
  • 6 pieces 5 ml tattoo inks
  • Tattoo power supply
  • 5 pieces massage table cover
  • Foot pedal
  • 5 pieces of 1205RL tattoo cartridge needles
  • 5 pieces of 1209RM tattoo cartridge needles
  • Tattoo pen grip case
  • Transfer paper
  • Tattoo gloves
  • Practice skin
  • 40 pieces ink cups
  • Carry box

Other Product Features/Inclusions:

The needle cartridges are individually packed and sterilized. These are made of medical stainless steel and blue medical plastic.

The kit comes with high-quality tattoo inks that comply with EU quality standards. The colors are easily adjustable to satisfy different skin tones.


  • Lightweight
  • Needle cartridges are made of medical-grade steel
  • Complies with EU quality standards
  • Stable


  • Ink can fall off
  • Some tattoo equipment or tools are defective

6. Solong Tattoo Complete Tattoo Kit

The Solong Tattoo Kit is the go-to choice not just for beginners and learners but professional tattoo artists as well.

The machine is made of 4×10 wrap coils for liner and shader. This carbon steel machine is constructed by hand.

It creates precise and fine line work and offers vibrant and lasting color. The machine is high-powered and stable that it can easily penetrate deep into the skin.

You won’t regret purchasing this tattoo kit for it provides 173 pieces of supplies and tools you need to begin tattooing.

Included in the Kit:

  • 1 tattoo machine
  • 1 pro-digital tattoo power supply
  • Tattoo inks
  • Tattoo needles
  • Ink caps and tips
  • Grommets
  • O-rings
  • Rubber bands
  • 1 top foot pedal or switch
  • 1 clip cord

Other Product Features/Inclusions:

The inks are micro-dispersed making them easy to use. They also heal fast which results in less scarring and pigment retention by the skin.

The inks come in positive colors and are sterilized by gamma rays. They are reliable to use.


  •  Highly affordable and available
  • Customer service is available
  • Offers online services like guides and tutorials
  •  Inks are vegan, don’t contain harmful substances or animal products
  • You may receive a gift when you purchase


  • Packaging needs to be improved 
  • Poor quality ink
  • Missing or broken parts
  • Instructions not included in the set

7. Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit for Beginners

This Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit for beginners boasts two full sets of cast iron tattoo machines that make tattooing fast and easy.

The coil machines are easy to use and the parts are adjustable which allows the lining and shading mechanisms to make the right tattoo styles.

The tattoo machine is made of superior composite materials. The springs are highly elastic and anti-fatigue which can function for long hours.

The power supply has a universal voltage which allows the machine to be used anywhere in the world.

The Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit is worth buying for it constantly improves its products and services to address various market concerns.

Included in the Kit:

  • Traditional tattoo coils machine
  • Powerbox
  • Clip cord
  • Foot pedal and grips
  • Tattoo ink colors and cups
  • Disposable needles and tubes
  • Practice skin
  • Transfer papers
  • Travel case

Other Product Features/Inclusions:

The needles are made of stainless steel which ensures quality cutting performance. The needles have a #12 diameter that is polished, long taper, and reliable for wide-ranging work.

The needles are sterilized using Ethylene oxide and are individually packed for single use.   


  • The machine can be plugged in and used anywhere in the world
  • Customer service is available
  • All supplies and tools are tested before packaging
  • Needles are sterilized


  • Instructions not included in the set
  • Online videos don’t correlate with the contents of the kit
  • Poor ink quality

8. Hawink Complete Tattoo Kit for Beginners

The Hawink Complete Tattoo Kit is easy to master for beginners. The machine has a coreless motor, strong and stable power, and low noise quality.

The Hawink kit is compatible with most tattoo cartridge needles. This is a great buy for most beginners.

Included in the Kit:

  • RCA cord
  • Tattoo ink set
  • 7 ink colors
  • Power supply with cable
  • 10 pieces of sterilized tattoo needles (1003RL and 1005RL)
  • Foot pedal
  • 10 pieces tattoo cup
  • Rubber gloves
  • Tattoo Grip cover tape
  • Transfer tape
  • Suitcase

Other Product Features/Inclusions:

The kit features a hybrid tattoo pen that gives you the feeling like you are using an actual writing pen.

This makes it very easy to hold. The pen is made of metal-grinding technology. Because of this, the tattoo pen allows precision tattooing which is a plus for tattoo artists.


  • Customer service is available
  • Lightweight
  • Tattoo pen is comfortable to use
  • Spacious carry bag that can be buckled


  • Presently unavailable in the market
  • Missing and incomplete pieces 
  • Poor ink quality

9. Tuffking Tattoo Gun Kit

If you are looking for the best tattoo gun kit for beginners, the Tuffking Gun kit is for you. 

It produces finer designs than most tattoo machine kits. It is great for continuous operation, has a low noise quality, and offers lasting stability. It is compatible with all tattoo cartridge needles.

The machine has a coreless motor and is made of space aluminum alloy. The motor has an output rating of 11,000RPM. It is powerful and great for lining, shading, color packing, lettering, and traditional and neotraditional designs.

Included in the Kit:

  • Tuffking Wildfire tattoo gun
  • Power supply
  • Foot pedal
  • DC clip cord
  • 4 stencil transfer paper
  • Practice skin
  • Camouflage bandage wrap
  • Practice ink
  • 20 pieces of ink cups
  • 30 pieces mixed tattoo cartridge needles

Other Product Features/Inclusions:

The tattoo pen’s needle is adjustable by rotating the machine’s grip. The cartridge needles are of high toughness silicone that allows the needles to maintain their flexibility and strength in the long run.

Its membrane mechanism prevents spit back. The ink flow and saturation are enhanced due to the needle’s indentation at the tip.


  • Customer service is available
  • Certified
  • Durable
  • Lightweight and easy to control


  • Set may come with only 1 ink
  • The barrel is fat which is hard for gripping

10. Wormhole Tattoo Pen Kit

The Wormhole Tattoo Pen Kit is constantly innovating to offer clients safe, updated, convenient, and reliable tattoo products, equipment, and services. It is one of the cheap tattoo kits on the market.

The Wormhole machine power supply can be used worldwide (110-240V). The motor has an output power of up to 10,000RPM. It works fast and is more precise than ordinary tattoo machines.

This tattoo machine is safe and friendly to use because of its easy voltage adjustment feature. It also increases the power life making the machine less susceptible to electrical sparks. This is a great buy for beginners and professional tattoo artists. 

Included in the Kit:

  • Tattoo pen machine with RCA cord
  • Power supply with cable
  • 8 bottles of Tattoo ink
  • 40 pieces of Cartridge needles
  • Foot pedal
  • 2 pieces bandage
  • Transfer paper
  • Kit case
  • Instruction manual

Other Product Features/Inclusions:

The Wormhole Tattoo pen is multifunctional and designed for creating finer details than most tattoo kits.

It is lightweight, has lower noise quality, is stable, and is comfortable to use. It can be used both as a liner and a shader pen. It is compatible to be used for most tattoo cartridge needles.

The needles are made of medically-grade stainless steel and medical-grade plastic. The needles are sterilized using 100% EO gas and individually packed for easy disposal. The needles are compatible with most tattoo machines.


  • Customer service is available
  • Voltage adjustment capable
  • The machine can be plugged in and used anywhere in the world
  • Easy to switch and replace cartridge needles
  • A manual and online guide is included in the kit


  • Poor ink quality
  • Machine noise may get louder over time

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Tattoo Kits for Beginners

When deciding on purchasing beginner tattoo kits, the most important equipment to look into is the tattoo machine. As a beginner, choosing the best tattoo machine for you is vital for the development of your skills.

Here are more considerations that you need to look into when choosing the best beginner tattoo kit for you:

Motor Power

Determining the tattoo machine’s motor power is important. The motor power supply determines the quality of lining and shading of the tattoo machine. Choose a kit with high-quality motor power.


In choosing a tattoo kit, it is important that the set is well-constructed and works efficiently. It should also be durable and flexible when used.

If you are a beginner, you need a stable and durable machine that can support you while you practice.

You need to invest in a quality tattoo machine for this will be your reliable partner as you journey towards being a professional tattoo artist.

The least you want is to have a machine that will malfunction and break down while practicing.


Lightweight machines allow the artist to have more control over skin penetration.

A heavy tattoo machine can cause fatigue to the artist’s hand and won’t sustain a long tattooing session. A lightweight machine helps artists draw lines and shade effortlessly.

Mechanism Type

You need to choose the mechanism type that is best for you: coil, rotary, and pneumatic.

The type of mechanism of your tattoo machine will determine its maintenance level, needle movement, shading capabilities, and motion quality. 

Connection Type

All tattoo machines use direct current (DC) for power. Your machine’s connection can either be via RCA cord or clip cord.

Your machine can either have one of each connection type while there are newer machines that have both connection types.

Grip Diameter

Most tattoo grips are of universal size. The relative thickness of the tattoo grip depends on how big the hand of the artist is. Some wrap it with a cloth to make it bulkier.

The right diameter allows easier hand movement over the skin for a long tattooing procedure. This can prevent carpal tunnel from developing, as well as calluses and numbness in the fingers.

Needle Stroke

Needle stroke or “throw” is the distance that the armature bar (coil tattoo machine) travels from its upright position to its downward position.

The needle stroke is important because it provides power and strength in every hit, influences the needle’s speed, and plays a role in the needle’s skin penetration depth.

Voltage Range

There is no specific and recommended voltage rating for tattoo machines. The voltage range depends on the machine and the amount of work it is expected to do.

If you don’t understand the concept of voltage, you may ask for assistance from the brand’s customer service.

Quality Tattoo Ink

The tattoo ink should be fade-resistant and long-lasting. Quality inks should have bright colors and look clean.

Quality inks prevent skin damage and the spread of contagious diseases. Quality inks may be a bit expensive but will surely provide clients with a safe tattooing experience.


Needles are very important for this is the medium that is in direct contact with the client. 

You have to ensure that your needles are of high quality for clients are paying you to pierce their skin. Also, you need to consider the quantity and type of needles that you need.

Power Supply

A quality power supply ensures that your machine will be at optimum working capacity.

It should be powerful and can secure uninterrupted work. It is important in the quality of the tattoo gun’s working process.


Not everything inside the kit is under warranty. Usually, the sensitive and electronic components of the kit are the ones that are under warranty.

Before buying the kit, make sure to inquire which items in the kit are under warranty and for how long.

Accessories Included

Every tattoo kit comes with its own set of accessories.

There are tattoo kits that include a lot of non-tattooing items that can be considered important elements such as consumables, hygienic equipment, and practice skin. A kit that contains a lot of accessories is a plus! 

Hygienic Equipment

Some kits may include some hygiene equipment or supplies such as:

  • bandage rubber bands (for coil tattoo machines)
  • barrier films for sterile safe work
  • High-quality tattoo ink that is ideal for human skin use
  • Several ink cups
  • Gloves
  • Disinfectant
  • Transfer paper
  • Disposable, sterile, and hypoallergenic tattoo markers
  • Anything that could help make your design vivid and lasting: creams, gel, wipes, and vaseline

Practice Skin


Kits that include practice skin are definitely a great buy. As a beginner, you need practice before you work on actual human skin.

Practicing on fake skin can prevent you from hurting others.

Quality Customer Support

Beginners need a lot of guidance and support while they are starting.

Tattoo kits that provide manuals, tutorials, courses, and online support are really beneficial! Tattooing is easier when you are well-guided.

Value for Money

When investing in a tattoo machine, it should be cost-effective.

Many tattoo kit manufacturers release tattoo beginner kits that are not costly but of high quality. You should go for quality brands that offer a lot of accessories and supplies.


You have to check if the machine you are buying is suitable for beginners. Tattoo kit manufacturing companies also produce machines for professional use. You should choose the sets for beginners.

Professional tattoo kits will definitely be of high quality and offer the best results. As a beginner, however, you still don’t have enough skills to properly maintain your professional tattoo kit.

You may not be able to take full advantage of the whole kit and eventually end up feeling frustrated.

Coil Tattoo Gun vs Rotary Tattoo Gun vs Pneumatic Tattoo Gun

Batel Skater

Each type of tattoo gun has its pros and cons. Here are a few details about each of these tattoo guns:

Coil Tattoo Gun

Even proficient tattoo artists still prefer to use coil tattoo gun kits.

Tattoo artists prefer mechanical machines because the coils allow the needles to move vertically which makes the tattooing process easy.

Customizing tattoo designs is easy when using a coil tattoo gun. Coil tattoo guns are definitely worth buying at an affordable price.  

Rotary Tattoo Gun

Rotary tattoo guns are the first concepts for tattoo guns and the most popular ones. These use electric motors as the primary gear which pushes the needles.

Calibration is needed when using rotary tattoo guns. Thus, would require artists to be skillful in calibrating the machine.

Pneumatic Tattoo Gun

Pneumatic tattoo guns make use of air pressure to power the tattoo needle. The compressed air makes the needle move up and down.

Pneumatic tattoo guns are easy to clean for you can use an autoclave to maintain them. It is lightweight and compatible with most accessories and needles. 

Tips for Beginner Tattoo Artists

Professional and skilled tattoo artists were beginners once. They didn’t become experts overnight.

If you want to be one of the best in the tattoo industry, you need to get some hand and leg work done. In learning how to be a tattoo artist, working and learning alone is not enough or it may not even help you get far in your career.

Being a tattoo artist is not only about getting ink on another person’s body. It is so much more than that. Tattoo artist needs to constantly practice their skills.

There are so many factors and stages that you need to go through if you want to become a professional tattoo artist.

Here are some tips on you can grow and become a professional and reputable tattoo artist:

Learn from Experienced Tattoo Artists

Daniel Yuck

To further enhance your skills as a tattoo artist, it would be best to shadow and learn from an experienced tattoo artist.

Doing tattooing for years, they surely can give you tips and tricks on how to make tattoo designs, what tools or machines you can use for practice, learn about customer relations, and other values needed to grow in this industry.

Enroll in a Tattoo Course

Enrolling in a tattoo course can greatly help your development and growth in the tattoo industry. During the learning process, you will be completely supervised as well as when you are working on actual human skin.

In a tattoo course, you can begin to build your portfolio which you can show off during apprenticeship or job application.

Master: Shading, Lining, Coloring, and Lettering

As a beginner who wants to become a professional tattoo artist, you need to be able to master shading, lining, coloring, and lettering skills. A crucial asset of a tattoo artist is the trait of having a “light touch”.

An experienced tattoo artist doesn’t need to puncture the skin deeply for the ink to stay. Puncturing too deep may cause clients intense pain and discomfort.

The artist only needs to puncture deep enough for the ink to stay on the skin.

The art of tattooing is popular and becoming mainstream. As a tattoo artist, you need to be updated with the latest in tattoo designs.

Most of your clients would want to be inked with the trending designs. You also need to update your skills so you would be able to use new and improved tattoo machines, inks, and tools

Establish Your Portfolio

Just like any job, you need to show proof of your skills and capabilities and a portfolio does just that. Having a portfolio is a great way to find a mentor who can give you artistic guidance.

If you are planning to get hired by tattoo shops or open your own tattoo shop, you need to show your possible employer and clients your potential and skills.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Most tattoo kits provide practice skins. Do you know why? Because practice is the only way you, a beginner can become a skilled, experienced, and professional tattoo artist.

If you don’t want to hurt another person when giving them tattoos, then you definitely need to practice. Practice helps enhances your skills and self-confidence in handling the tattoo pen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Palabas at Kape

What’s the Difference Between a Rotary and a Coil Tattoo Machine?

Rotary tattoo machines are recommended for beginners because it is easy to use and maintain. It has a small built-in motor that helps the needle move.

On the other hand, you need to be skilled in tattooing when you use a coil tattoo machine. The current runs through the coils which draw and releases the electromagnet or armature bar which moves the needle.

What Can I Practice Tattooing On?

Most tattoo kits include practice skins for you to practice tattooing on. Aside from the provided practice skins, you may use fruits as alternatives.

The fruits that have almost the same surface texture as human skin are oranges and melons.

Can You Self Teach Tattooing?

Yes, you can teach yourself how to do tattooing though it can be very challenging. Several tattoo kits include online tutorial guides for beginners.

However, if you want to be a professional tattoo artist, you can join tattoo apprenticeships that are offered for 1-5 years.

How Do I Start Tattooing?

If you want to start tattooing, you need to have the basic skills and tools for the trade. First off, you need to have skills in drawing and have basic knowledge of designing.

For a start, you would need the basic tools for tattooing such as a tattoo machine kit. It would be to your advantage if you can be an apprentice of a professional tattoo artist.


There are so many amazing tattoo starter kits that you can choose from. Though, choosing may not be that hard if you already know what you want.

The buying guide above can be very helpful in helping you decide which brand of starter tattoo kit to purchase.

Using the best tattoo starter kit will be time-efficient and will be very helpful in your learning journey.

Remember, tattooing is not just placing ink on the skin; it is about turning your client’s vision into reality.


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