10 Unique Tragus Piercing Ideas

tragus piercing 10

The tragus is a pointed protrusion on the outer ear, directly in front of the concha. Tragus piercings, not surprisingly, are piercings through this small flap of cartilage. This is generally considered a non-traditional ear piercing and should only be performed by a licensed piercer.

For some, simple tragus piercings aren’t unique enough. And there’s nothing wrong with that at all! If you’re someone looking for unique tragus piercing ideas, you have lots of great options! You can combine them with other piercings, for instance, or choose a unique earring to grace your tragus.

Here are 10 great examples of unique tragus piercings!

1. Tragus and Helix Piercings

This tragus piercing is combined with two helix piercings. The S-shaped earring makes an eyecatching adornment!

tragus piercing 1Piercing Easily

2. Tragus and Antitragus Piercing

The antitragus is the pointy piece of cartilage directly below the tragus. Antitragus piercings and tragus piercings can be combined with a simple ball hoop for a unique look.

tragus piercing 2Piercingtime.com

3. Double Tragus Piercings

Sometimes one tragus piercing just isn’t enough. Good thing double tragus piercings can look twice as good!

tragus piercing 3Omega Red Piercing anf Tattoo

4. Vertical Tragus Piercings

Vertical tragus piercings are similar to double tragus piercings, but it usually involves a curved bar running through the tragus vertically. True double tragus piercings pass through the cartilage, but surface vertical tragus piercings just pass through the fleshy front part of the tragus.

tragus piercing 4Piercingtime.com

5. Tragus Piercing With Fun Earring

You don’t have to sport just boring studs or hoops in your tragus piercings either. You can use any fun earring design, like this cute feather earring!


tragus piercing 5PiercingEasily.com

6. Double Tragus Piercings With Hoops

Double tragus piercings also look amazing with two hoops!

tragus piercing 6Pixshark.com

7. Tragus Piercing With a Spike

If you’re going for an edgier look, add a spike earring to your tragus piercing.

tragus piercing 7Timebomb Piercing & Tattoos

8. Chain Tragus to Cartilage Piercing

Here’s another great example of connecting tragus piercings to other piercings. This chain earring is put into the tragus and runs to a cartilage piercing.

tragus piercing 8Timebomb Piercing & Tattoos

9. Industrial Tragus and Conch Piercing

If you’re going for the industrial piercing look, here’s a nice example. This tragus piercing is connected to a conch piercing with a single straight bar.

tragus piercing 9Deviant Art

10. Dangling Earrings in Tragus Piercings

Again, don’t feel limited to simple studs or hoops in your tragus piercings. You can wear just about any type of earring in your tragus piercings. Some retailers even sell dangling earrings that work in tragus piercings.

tragus piercing 10KarmaSe7en.com

If you already have tragus piercings, you now have lots of great ideas to jazz up your already non-traditional ear piercing! If you’re thinking about getting one, you’ve got lots of inspiration now!

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