15 Trendy Turquoise Nail Designs


Turquoise isn’t quite your normal nail color, but it sure is beautiful! Turquoise nail designs have become more and more popular over the last few years, and for good reason! This very soothing color goes well with many other colors, including black and silver. There’s also a lot of versatility in turquoise nail designs. You can create a classic look, like a turquoise French manicure, or a trendier look, like a half moon mani.

If you have a bottle of turquoise polish in your collection and need a little inspiration, check out these super cute turquoise designs!

1. Turquoise Glitter Accent Nail

A turquoise glitter accent nail makes for a super simple and quick turquoise nail design and it really pops against the white nails!

turquoise nail designsImage Source

2. Black Swirl Turquoise Nail Designs

Turquoise nails look truly stunning with whimsical black swirl designs, and you’re sure to get at least a few compliments on these!

turquoise nail designsImage Source

3. Turquoise Feather Nail Designs

Feather turquoise nail designs are simply gorgeous designs that nearly anyone can recreate with a thin nail brush.

turquoise nail designsImage Source

4. Simple Flower Turquoise Nail Designs

Simple pink and white flowers really stand beautifully against a sea of turquoise!

turquoise nail designsImage Source

5. Dark Gray and Turquoise Nail Designs

A dark charcoal gray nail polish contrasts nicely with a lively turquoise, and the stripes give this mani a polished trendy look!

turquoise nail designsImage Source

6. Turquoise Nail Tips

Ditch your boring white French manicure and try a gorgeous turquoise version instead. You won’t regret it one bit!

turquoise nail designsImage Source

7. Turquoise Glitter Gradient Manicure

Delicate silver glitter makes a fine gradient in turquoise nail designs since the two colors go wonderfully together!

turquoise nail designsImage Source


8. Turquoise Nail Designs With Black Tips

Turquoise and black go together well, as you can see by this pretty black tipped mani.

turquoise nail designsImage Source

9. Turquoise Tiger Striped Nails

Try on some turquoise tiger stripe nails when you want to take a little walk on the wild side!

turquoise nail designsImage Source

10. Daisy on Turquoise Nails

Flowers in turquoise nail designs usually look super cute, and this daisy design is no exception!

turquoise nail designsImage Source

11. Palm Tree Turquoise Nails

Palm trees are the perfect design for a splash of spring or summer fun, and the turquoise and gold go quite well together.

turquoise nail designsImage Source

12. Chunky Glitter Turquoise Nails

Chunky glitter nails aren’t for everyone, but you have to admit that these turquoise glitter nails sure are pretty!

turquoise nail designsImage Source

13. Mermaid Nail Design

Chunky turquoise glitter can also make a fun mermaid nail design!

turquoise nail designsImage Source

14. White and Turquoise Zebra Print Nails

Animal print turquoise nail designs are a bit out of the ordinary, and still pretty spectacular, as proven by this white and turquoise zebra print design!

turquoise nail designsImage Source

15. Silver and Turquoise Half Moon Mani

Half moon manis are so cute and easy to do, and this silver and turquoise design is a perfect combo!

turquoise nail designsImage Source

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