14 Lovely Love Nail Designs for Valentine’s Day


Love nail designs are the perfect addition to any Valentine’s Day look! These nail designs can include the words and symbols of love. Hearts, for instance, are understandably popular additions to love nail designs.

The colors you choose for your own love nail designs are completely up to you. However, traditional colors of love—red and pink—are usually incorporated into these designs. White is also a common color used in love nail art designs. Don’t feel limited to these colors, though. Feel free to make your own designs as colorful as you wish!

Check out these ideas for some awesome inspiration for your own love nail art designs…

1. Amor Nail Art Design

Love, amor—no matter what you call it, it’s still a beautiful thing!

love nail designsImage Source

2. I Love You Nail Art

If you need to express your feelings, what better way to do it than with some love nail designs? (Okay, there are probably better ways, but this is still fun!)

love nail designsImage Source

3. Cursive Love Nail Design

Cursive letters sprawled across pointy nails looks pretty spectacular!

love nail designsImage Source

4. True Love Nails

Some love nail designs stand above the rest, and these “True Love” nails are a great example of such a design!

love nail designsImage Source

5. Simple Love Nail Designs

Your love nail designs don’t have to be complicated, though. A simple design with a heart and block letters can still look pretty fabulous!

love nail designsImage Source

6. Love Letters Nail Art

Individual letters of love on each nail make for some super cute love nail designs, don’t they?

love nail designsImage Source

7. Hand of Love Nail Art

This isn’t true sign language, but it’s close enough to get the idea across!

love nail designsImage Source

8. Falling Heart Nail Art

Hearts are the perfect design for some super cute love nail designs, and this falling heart nail design is definitely super cute!

love nail designsImage Source

9. Heart Balloon Nail Art

If you need a different twist on the same old heart nail art, try your hands at some heart balloon nails!

love nail designsImage Source

10. Love Birds Nail Art

If you’re feeling really froggy, some nesting love birds might be just the thing to spruce up your fingernails!

love nail designsImage Source

11. Polka Dot and Heart Nails

Some quick and simple polka dots make a fine addition to a few red glitter hearts on your nails!

love nail designsImage Source

12. Little White Heart Nails

Add little white hearts to an alternative pink and black French mani for a unique little love nail art design.

love nail designsImage Source

13. Wonderful Heart Nail Design

Large hearts spread out across pink nails are totally doable and oh so adorable!

love nail designsImage Source

14. Matte Black and Pink Nail Design

Matte black isn’t the first color you’d think of for love nail art designs, but it definitely works in this nail design with pink hearts!

love nail designsImage Source

Love nail designs might be perfect for Valentine’s Day, but they’re also great designs for any other time of year. You may want to consider them for special occasions like weddings and anniversaries, or just wear them for a fun little pick-me-up!

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