14 Gorgeous Gray Nail Designs


Gray nail polish usually isn’t the first thing that pops into people’s minds when they think of glitzy and glamorous nail art designs. Most people see gray as a drab, dull, and even depressing. However, gray nail designs can be anything but drab and boring!

If you have some gray nail polish to use, it may be time to think a little outside the color wheel. With a little added effort and additions, gray nail art designs can be just as glamorous as other nail designs. They can even be quite sexy, sultry and sophisticated.

Need some ideas for your own gray nail designs? Check out these looks for some fantastic ideas!

1. Gray Glitter Gradient Nails

One quick way to turn gray nails from drab to fab is by adding a sparkly glitter gradient layer to the tips.

gray nail designsImage Source

2. Black Tipped Gray Nail Designs

Black glitter nail polish can be painted on the tips of gray nails for a modern twist on a French manicure. Add a silver glitter accent nail for some fun sparkle!

gray nail designsImage Source

3. V-shaped Gray Nail Design

A couple of diagonal swipes of black and metallic champagne polish at the tips of the nails, and you can easily create some stunning v-shaped gray nail designs!

gray nail designsImage Source

4. Gray Lace Nail Art

Matte gray nails are the perfect background for some sexy black lace nail art and a few sparkling rhinestones!

gray nail designsImage Source

5. Gray Flower Nails

Some polka dots, lines, and flowers in white and black stand out beautifully on these gray nails, which are anything but boring and drab!

gray nail designsImage Source

6. Silver Glitter Accent Nail

Don’t have time for complicated gray nail designs? Just add a couple coats of silver glitter polish to your ring finger for a fun and sparkly accent nail!

gray nail designsImage Source

7. Gray Gradient Nail Design

Black and gray make a beautiful gradient nail design!

gray nail designsImage Source

8. Gold and Gray Nail Art Design

How do you turn matte gray nail designs into instant glamicures? Add a little gold, of course!

gray nail designsImage Source

9. Gold Studded Gray Nail Art

Adding some gold studs and glitter gold polish to your gray nail designs can really amp up the glam too!

gray nail designsImage Source

10. Pink Tipped Gray Nails

You can even add a nice pop of color to your gray nail designs by painting just the tips a fun color, like this hot pink!

gray nail designsImage Source

11. Gray Marble Nail Designs

If you’re looking for unique gray nail designs, do consider this gray marble nail art design. It’s sure to get you quite a few compliments!

gray nail designsImage Source

12. Shades of Gray Nail Design

Paint every nail a different shade of gray, from the lightest to the darkest, for a creative and oh so simple gray nail art design!

gray nail designsImage Source

13. Gray Dandelion Nails

A simple black line and polka dot design makes a quick and easy dandelion nail design on gray nails.

gray nail designsImage Source

14. Red and Gray Paid Nails

Finally, you really can’t go wrong with gray plaid nail designs! They’re funa dn can be paired with nearly any outfit and occasion, depending on the colors you use!

gray nail designsImage Source

As you can see, gray nail art can be just as pretty as other nail art, so don’t be afraid of that gray nail polish. Add some rhinestones or glitter for glamorous gray nail designs or pair it with some bold colors for some fun gray nail art!

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