13 Dark Nail Designs Anyone Can Try


Dark shades of nail polish were once thought of as being only for goth or rebellious ladies. These days, though, anything goes with nail art, including dark tips! In fact, sometimes a girl just needs some sultry dark nail designs to decorate their fingertips. Dark nail designs are great for the darker and colder months in fall and spring, but they can most definitely be worn in the spring and summer as well!

Black is probably the most commonly thought of color for dark nail designs. Darker shades of other colors, though, can look pretty amazing when used in dark nail art or paired with black polish. Things like glitter and rhinestones can also be added to make dark nail art a little more feminine and glamorous.

Need some ideas for your own dark nail designs? Check out these cute nail art designs for some great inspiration!

1. Emerald Green and Black Houndstooth

A metallic emerald green nail polish makes a beautiful houndstooth pattern on black nails. The diagonal design makes this dark nail design a little more interesting and unique too.

dark nail designsImage Source

2. Stamped Tea and Black Nails

Darker shades of teal can be used to create some beautiful dark nail designs! A dark teal polish is paired with black polish, including a black stamped nail design.

dark nail designsImage Source

3. Blue and Black Nail Gradient

When paired with black, lots of colors can be used to create some stunning gradient dark nail designs! Here black and blue are combined for a gorgeous gradient!

dark nail designsImage Source

4. Dark Purple Marbled Nail Design

These dark purple nails are saved from being pretty but plain with the addition of an intricate white marbled design.

dark nail designsImage Source

5. Silver Stripe on Black Nails

Black nail polish is often the base for all sorts of dark nail designs. Instead of plain black nails, this lady opted to add a single swooping silver stripe on each black nail.

dark nail designsImage Source

6. Dark Purple and Gold V-Shaped Nail Design

A deep purple polish pairs beautifully with a luxurious gold for a fine example of a v-shaped nail design!

dark nail designsImage Source


7. Simple Dark Feather Nail Design

Use a fine nail brush or similar tool to draw simple wispy feather designs on dark nails for some super simple and easy dark nail designs.

dark nail designsImage Source

8. Red and Black Baroque Nail Design

Intricate black swirls make an eye catching design on dark blood red nails. This stamped design is subtle, but still quite stunning!

dark nail designsImage Source

9. Dark Pink Glitter Gradient Nails

Paired with the right polish and application technique, glitter can actually be used to create some nice dark nail designs. Here, and pink glitter polish is used to make a gradient on a much darker base color, for instance.

dark nail designsImage Source

10. Dark Cat Eye Nail Design

Bright green polish can be used on black nails to create an awesome cat eye nail art design! It’s still a dark nail art design, but it’s a little more fun than some of the others.

dark nail designsImage Source

11. Dark Glitter and Flower Nail Design

Dark nail designs can also be quite feminine. This dark nail art, for instance, includes a pink glitter and some cute little white flowers.

dark nail designsImage Source

12. Silver Dotted Nail Tips

A series of large and small polka dots on the tips of black nails makes for an interesting and simple dark nail design.

dark nail designsImage Source

13. Black and Gold Polka Dot Nails

Shimmery neatly placed gold polka dots on black nails really stand out beautifully!

dark nail designsImage Source

Dark nail designs generally show more chips and wear and tear than lighter nail art designs. To protect your design, don’t forget to brush on a clear top coat.

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