25 Heart Warming Pictures of Old People


Everything gets old, including us but some of us never want to accept it. Yes, you can stay younger at your heart even at the age of eighty but body shows up the signs of getting older and wiser. I believe that every wrinkle on the face of an old person is the sign of his/her wisdom and practical knowledge, which he/she has gathered over the years. So there is nothing you should be ashamed of.

Every Old face encapsulates a story. As they say, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. You can see immense emotions and feelings subaquatic in each of the images below. Elderly people don’t want anything from you except your time so try to give them the respect and time they deserve. Remember, after a few years we will be standing in their position.

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Here are 25 Heart Warming Pictures of Old People:

1. Every Picture Tells a Story

Every Picture Tells a Story

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2. Old man

Old man

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3. The art of loving

The art of loving

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4. An Old Tale

An Old Tale

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5. Funny at old hats

Funny at old hats

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6. Old Man

Old Man

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7. Old


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8. Old hippie

Old hippie

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9. Old Woman

Old Woman

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10. From the fairy tale

From the fairy tale

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11. When I am an Old Woman

When I am an Old Woman

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12. An Older Worker

An Older Worker

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13. Old


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14. Lectii de gatit

Lectii de gatit

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15. Old People

Old People

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16. Time passing through

Time passing through

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17. Old man

Old man

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18. Old Turkish woman

Old Turkish woman

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20. Old Balinese smoker

Old Balinese smoker

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21. Storm


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22. Old man with accordion

Old man with accordion

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23. Below of old tree

below of old tree

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24. Old Age

Old Age

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25. Lonely


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  1. I should bookmark this in my safe. These are awesome pictures to put in an album. I should may be check with copyright to get some framed. Thanks Rana they are hot.

  2. Incredible photo’s. A few of these just stopped me in my tracks. I’d really like to perhaps use some of these as references for some photoshop paintings. Will link any art i do straight back here. Do you mind?

    Regards, Jubwub

  3. I am so surprised that “When I am an Old Woman” was made a sketch and framed in my institute. The art was really superb. I will grab one random image and start practicing on it. Hope one day my pencil sketch would be framed on the wall. Thanks for sharing such an inspirational photographs.

  4. The pictures with old ladies here looks like witches, just creepy. Hahaha! These are very nicely shot photos. Thanks to the photographer and SloDive of course.

  5. Beautiful photos,at 63 my plan is to hitchhike to as many places I can get to for as cheap as possible, iim not a photographer but its always been my passion to take photos of old eccentric people,thanks for giving me the bug to travel again(I hitchhiked to India with a baby on my own in the 70s) I think we need to get these amazing pictures of incredible people coz in 20 years everyone will look the same….baseball caps,same clothes…..yadda yadda yadda.now I just need a camera!! Would a “go pro”be good for starters?


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