The 12 Best Hippie Tattoos

Hippie Tattoo 3

The hippie life is not for everyone and certainly frowned upon by many people, however, it certainly makes for some great tattoos. Loaded with peace signs, tie-died t-shirts, and smoke filled vans, these tattoos are a huge hit with those in touch with their inner hippie, and an even bigger hit for those who get a kick out of their style. So, whether you are a hippie yourself or just looking for some neat designs to look at, the list below is sure to be of help!

1. An All Black Ink Traditional Hippie Ankle Tattoo For Women

Though there are both different in many ways, these two hippie designs look great alongside each other.

An All Black Ink Traditional Hippie Ankle Tattoo For Women

2. A Small Black Ink Hippie Wrist Tattoo

Very subtle, yet very appealing! Fortunately for our male readers, this neat hippie logo can be found on both men and women.

“A Small Black Ink Hippie Wrist Tattoo”

3. A Neat Hippie Tree Tattoo

Also located on the wrist, this neat hippie design features a big green tree with a bold peace sign hanging right below it.

A Neat Hippie Tree Tattoo

4. A Very Cool Hippie Back Piece

This mandala-styled hippie design is as unique as it is circular, and certainly fits well on the upper back.

A Very Cool Hippie Back Piece

5. A Hippie Styled Wolf Upper Thigh Tattoo

Another very unique piece, this one featuring a double faced wolf done in a hippie styled font.

“A Hippie Styled Wolf Upper Thigh Tattoo”

6. A Neat Hippie Tree Rib Cage Tattoo For Women

As you can likely tell after scrolling through the before images and now seeing this one, trees are a rather common symbol amongst the hippie community..

“A Neat Hippie Tree Rib Cage Tattoo”

7. A “Zoeken” Hippie Back Piece Tattoo

Translating to “search” in English, this Zoeken tattoo carries some obvious meaning along with it.

A “Zoeken” Hippie Back Piece Tattoo

8. A Black Hippie Sun And Half Moon Tattoo Design

Another very meaningful design, this one showing a sleeping black ink hippie sun next to a dark starry moon.

A Black Hippie Sun And Half Moon Tattoo Design

9. An Astoundingly Well Done Hasma Hand 

Serving as one of their most commonly used symbols, hasma hands are certainly a great way of expressing your inner hippie. This one was also done very, very well!

An Astoundingly Well Done Hasma Hand

10. A Traditionally Styled Hippie Leg Tattoo

Featuring a beautiful women with peace sign earrings and some flowers in her hair, this is without a doubt one of the best hippie tattoos.

A Traditionally Styled Hippie Leg Tattoo

11. A Very Colorful Hippie Van!

Surrounded by butterflies and full of color, this van is a great examples of the way hippies like to live!

A Very Colorful Hippie Van!

12. A Beautiful Hippie Sun And Moon Underarm Tattoo

Proven by the image below, sometimes its not the tattoo that matters, but the placement of the design.

“A Beautiful Hippie Sun And Moon Underarm Tattoo”


Well, there you have it, a list of the 12 coolest hippie tattoos that we could find. We hope you enjoyed the list, and also realized that, though they seem dead to the world at times, hippies (in a spiritual sense) usually have a great sense and understanding of what is going on.


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