20 Amazing Ripped Skin Tattoos to Unleash Your Inner Beast

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Ripped tattoos are usually created to look like skin is being ripped away from the body through the use of clever lines and shading. Tattoos with ripped skin take a great deal of artistic talent and skill to look realistic. They can be made to look like the skin is simply peeling away from the body or made to look like something is ripping out of the body. Some ripped skin tattoos are also designed to look as though the skin has been cut with a knife.

If you’re looking for tattoos to show off the “inner you”, ripped skin tattoos are a good choice. They can give people a glimpse of what’s really on the inside!

Need some ideas for ripped tattoos? Here are some of the most amazing and realistic ripped skin tattoos for a little inspiration!

1. Ripped Skin Foot Tattoo

If you’re trying to decide between foot tattoos and ripped tattoos, why not get both? This ripped skin tattoo on the foot shows realistic detail of what lies just beneath the surface, complete with all of the proper bones.

ripped tattoos 1Deviant Art

2. Words Under the Skin Tattoo

This tattoo looks like the skin is ripping away to uncover a block of text. A good tattoo artist can put nearly any words you want into a tattoo like this.

ripped tattoos 2Tattoo Bite

3. Spiderman Ripping Out of the Skin Tattoo

Show off your inner superhero with a tattoo that looks like the skin is ripping away from your superhero suit!

ripped tattoos 3Bit Rebels

4. Claws Ripping Out of the Skin Tattoo

If you need to unleash your inner beast, this tattoo might be a perfect fit. The realistic claws look like they’re ripping out of the skin.

ripped tattoos 4Tattoo Bite

5. Scaly Creature Under the Skin Tattoo

If you have more of a scaly inner beast, you might like this tattoo. It’s designed to look like the skin is peeling away to let loose a scaly creature.

ripped tattoos 5Creativefan

6. American Flag Tattoo With Ripped Skin

Show your patriotic side with an American flag tattoo that looks like it’s ripping out of the skin.

ripped tattoos 6Pinterest

7. Peeking Tattoo With Peeled Skin

Peek-a-boo! This is one of the more interesting ripped skin tattoos out there. Instead of something ripping through the skin, a curious individual is peeling the skin back and warily peering out.

ripped tattoos 7Nail Art Tattoo

8. Biomechanical Rib With Ripped Skin Tattoo

Ripped tattoos with biomechanical insides are a great way to show off your sci-fi side. This example shows a rib cage with biomechanical gears and other parts on the inside.

ripped tattoos 8Inked

9. Colorful Ripped Skin Tattoos

Ripped skin tattoos don’t have to be dark or frightening, though. Here’s an example of a cheery colorful rainbow tattoo peeking out from underneath ripped skin.

ripped tattoos 9ArteTattoo.com

10. Garfield Ripped Skin Tattoo

Looking for fun ripped skin tattoos? How cute is this Garfield ripped skin tattoo?


ripped tattoos 16Rate My Ink

11. Guitar Ripped Skin Tattoo  

Guitar players can appreciate this ripped skin tattoo.

ripped tattoos 10HDImageLib.com

12. Music Notes Floating Through the Skin Tattoo

Or, for the music over in general, we have this tattoo featuring music notes floating through the skin. The needle and thread adds a nice little detail too.

ripped tattoos 19YourTattoos.org

13. Deer Jumping Through Skin Tattoo

Ripped skin tattoos featuring animals are quite popular. This tattoo of a deer jumping through ripped skin would be perfect for hunters.

ripped tattoos 11The Tattoo Bank

14. Scorpion Pinching Skin Tattoo

This scorpion isn’t ripping through the skin, but it is ripping the skin with its pinchers. This would be an amazing tattoo for Scorpios!

ripped tattoos 14TattooSet.com

15. Snake Ripping Through the Skin Tattoo

This snake slithering through the skin is definitely a striking tattoo design!

ripped tattoos 17Smosh

16. Tiger Ripping Through the Skin Tattoo

Or, how about a tiger ripping through the skin? This is an incredibly fierce tattoo!

ripped tattoos 18CollinsTattoos.com

17. Eagle Ripping Through Skin Tattoo

Here’s another patriotic tattoo featuring an American flag and an American bald eagle ripping through the skin on the arm. A great option of you’re looking for an American flag and eagle tattoo that’s a little unique.

ripped tattoos 20Check Out My Ink

18. Celtic Knot Tattoo in the Skin

Take your Celtic knot tattoo to the next level with this tattoo design!

ripped tattoos 12Tattoo-Kid.com

19. Muscle Under the Skin Tattoo With a Zipper

There are lots of ripped skin tattoos that show the muscle underneath. However, this particular design takes it to the next level with the added zipper detail. It’s fascinating, and realistic enough that you just want to grab the zipper and zip it back up!

ripped tattoos 15Style Craze

20. Smashed Skull Head Tattoo

This 3D tattoo is insane! And a little gross. Not only does it incorporate ripped skin into the design, but also blood, smashed skull, brains, and general gore. Truly for the hardcore among us!

ripped tattoos 13Tattoo Bite

Hopefully you’ve found some inspiration and ideas for ripped skin tattoos! Remember that your tattoo artist can be another great inspiration and should be able to help you come up with am amazing and personal design.

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