17 Inspired Plaid Nail Art Designs To Fall In Love With


Who says plaid has to be drab? Plaid nail art designs are far from drab! In fact, they’re a little fab!

Plaid nails are fun to experiment with. Red, black, and white are traditional plaid colors, but they don’t have to be n fingernails. You can use any polish colors you already have. Purple plaid sounds super pretty, and glitter plaid? Even better! You can also dress up your plaid nails with rhinestones and other nail art accessories.

Ready to try some plaid nail but not sure where to start? Try some of these awesome inspired plaid nail art design!

1. Classic Red Plaid Nails

When you think plaid this classic red and black plaid design is what most likely comes to mind.

plaid nail artSource

2. Diagonal Plaid Nail Tips

Use a classic black and red plaid nail art design just on the tips of the nails. Divide the nail diagonally for a funky look!

plaid nail artSource

3. Simple Plaid Nail Design

A few lines over natural nails or a nude polish makes a cute and simple plaid nail art design.

plaid nail artSource

4. Yellow Plaid Nail Art

Inspired by Cher’s yellow plaid outfit in the movie Clueless, these yellow plaid nails are super cute!

plaid nail artSource

5. Neon Plaid Nail Art

Lover of bright nail colors? Try a neon plaid nail art design—perfect for sumer!

plaid nail artSource

6. Diagonal Blue Plaid

Mix it up a little with a diagonal plaid design.

plaid nail artSource

7. Stamped Plaid Nail Design

A nail stamper is a surefire way to get perfectly pretty plaid nails!

plaid nail artSource

8. Pastel Plaid Nails

Soft pastel colors make for some super pretty plaid nails! Perfect spring nail art.

plaid nail artSource

9. Watermelon Plaid Nails

Need a fun sumer picnic look? Combine a little watermelon nail art with plaid nail art for this tasty mani!

plaid nail artSource

10. Blue and Green Plaid Nails

This blue and green go together perfectly in this plaid mani.

plaid nail artSource

11. Black and Green Plaid Nail art

Green really does make some pretty plaid.

plaid nail artSource

12. Teal Argyle Nail Art

For a preppy look, argyle nails are totally trendy! And this teal color is stuning!

plaid nail artSource

13. Metallic Pink Plaid Nails

Metallic polishes really make plaid nails pop.

plaid nail artSource

14. Pink and Gray Plaid Nail Art

Pair a pretty ink with a neutral gray for a sophisticated plaid nail design.

plaid nail artSource

15. Purple Plaid Nail Art Design

Pretty purple makes a sweet plaid nail design!

plaid nail artSource

16. Simple Purple and Pink Plaid Nails

Pink and urple lines are all you need to change a dark purle polish from drab to plaid!

plaid nail artSource

17. Simple Black and White Plaid Nails

If you’re short on time, this black and white plaid nail deisgn might be just the thing.

plaid nail artSource

Creating plaid nail art takes a steady hand to draw straight lines, but with a little practice, you should be able to create perfect plaid in no time at all. If you want super straight lines in your plaid nail art you can also use nail striping tape.

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