14 Summer Rain Pictures


When the summer comes, the temperatures go really high, and people will do anything to cool off. However, once in a while, a rain shower will hit, and everyone is happy and thrilled that the rain has come because they get to cool off. Some very talented men and women have taken photos of people enjoying a cool summer rain shower, and we have the pictures right here!

We promise that you will love these pictures so much that you will play outside the next time that it rains. Just sit back now and feel refreshed now by gazing at these beautiful rain pictures. Are you ready to check out the list? If so, you can go ahead and scroll down to look at the rain!

Bride in the Rain

Who says that a bride cannot enjoy a summer rain shower? This beautiful bride needed some alone time, and a storm broke out!

Bride in the RainBride in the Rain

Catching Rain

Rain can be pure water, and many people love to put out containers to catch the rain whenever it falls. Sometimes, when a container is not handy, a pair of hands will do just as well for rain catching.

Catching RainCatching Rain

Daisies in the Rain

Everything needs rain, even flowers, and does it not look like these daisies are stretching out toward the rain because they are thirsty?

Daisies in the RainDaisies in the Rain

Flowers in the Rain

There is nothing more beautiful then seeing bright colorful flowers getting what they need from the natural world, which is a cool drink of summer rain.

Flowers in the RainFlowers in the Rain

Girl in the Rain

Who says that plants and flowers are the only things that enjoy the rain? This young lady looks like she is very hot, but is now getting the chance to cool off with the rain.

Girl in the RainGirl in the Rain

Girl with Umbrella in the Rain

While being out in the rain can be fun, not everyone wants to get soaking wet. This young lady wants to enjoy the rain, but wants to keep nice and dry at the same time.

Girl with Umbrella in the RainGirl with Umbrella in the Rain

Grass in the Rain

There is something magical about grass when it gets wet. Blades of grass covered with drops of rain can look like they have drops of sunshine on them or even sparkling diamonds.

Grass in the RainGrass in the Rain


Rain in the Field

Falling rain can be powerful, and anyone looking at this rain in the field can see the power of it. The rain can be so heavy that it can be hard to see through, and this picture proves that.

Rain in the FieldRain in the Field

Rain in the Street

The most amazing part of this picture is seeing how heavy the branches are becoming from it and beginning to sag. Within a matter of moments, this street is going to be flooded, and soon kids will be splashing in the puddles.

Rain in the StreetRain in the Street

Rain in the Sun

People may find it hard to believe, but the sun can be shining brightly overhead even during a summer rain shower. This photo has caught falling rain and shinging sun at the exact same time!

Rain in the SunRain in the Sun

Rain in the Trees

Trees need rain too, and this photo shows the rain falling through the trees, and with the sun shining, the picture is truly magical.

Rain in the TreesRain in the Trees

Rain Puddles

Rain falling in the street can quickly form puddles, and this picture shows how fat rain drops can be, and how quickly the water can fill a street.

Rain PuddlesRain Puddles

Rainy Woods

Even the giant tall trees of the forest cannot escape the power of rain, and the rain is falling so heavy that even the trees are getting swept up in the storm.

Rainy WoodsRainy Woods

River Rain

With this photo, the rain is upon the water, but it also makes one wonder whether the rain is falling down or falling up.

River RainRiver Rain

So, what did you think of the amazing pictures of summer rain? Did these pictures really give you the feel of a cool summer storm? If they did, be sure to leave us a comment below. However, if you would like to see more lists, we have links to even more lists below. All you have to do is click one link and you will be taken to a new list.

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