10 Denim Nail Art Design Ideas to go With Your Favorite Jeans


Denim—it’s been a fashion staple for decades. Nearly everyone has a favorite pair of jeans or an old denim jacket that they just can’t part with. Denim jeans are among some of the toughest and most durable articles of clothing, originally designed for cowboys and miners. Today, though, they are still in fashion and considered to be a wardrobe staple for everyone from kids to teens to parents.

The color, texture, pattern, and stitching on denim clothing is unmistakable and  recognizable almost immediately to most people. Replicating the famous denim pattern on your nails is a fun deviation from the normal plain nail art. Its unusual and fun! Denim nail art design ideas don’t have to be difficult or complicated either. Just start with a denim blue nail polish and add some white or gold stitching. Studs and jewels can also be used to add even more detail.

If you need some denim nail art design ideas, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve rounded up some of the best and most unique denim nails around!

1. Denim Nails With White Stitching

White stitching adds the finishing touch to Denim Effect nail polish.

denim nailsSource

2. Denim Nails With Gold Stitching

Stitching detail with gold nail polish and gold studs make these blue nails the perfect accessory for your favorite pair of jeans.

denim nailsSource

3. Stitched and Riveted Denim Nail Art

White and gold stitching transform these matte blue nails into some great denim nail art! The gold studs and circles add a finishing touch.

denim nailsSource

4. Simple Denim Nail Art

Denim nail art doesn’t have to be complicated. Just add a white stripe and some dashed lines for a super simple denim nail art design.

denim nailsSource

5. Jeans Pocket Nail Art

Dark blue nail polish makes the white stitching on these jeans pocket designs really stand out!

denim nailsSource

6. Jeans Zipper Nail Art

Gold zipper nail art decals add a fun touch to marbled blue nails. There’s no mistake that this is some super cute denim nail art!

denim nailsSource

7. Zippered Denim Nail Art

Painted zipper and stitching details transform these long nails into fun denim nail art!

denim nailsSource

8. Denim Tips Nail Art

Add denim on just the tips of the nails for a fun variation of a French manicure. The white flowers add a cute feminine touch to this denim nail art.

denim nailsSource

9. Glittery Denim Nail Art

Love glittery nail polish? Gold stitching detail transforms this chunky blue glitter pollish into sparkley denim ail art.

denim nailsSource

10. Real Textured Deni Nail Art

If you want truly realistic denim nail art, you aren’t going to get more authentic than real denim! This denim nail art probably isn’t very practical for everyday wear, but it’s still a unique and interesting look!

denim nailsSource

Denim nails are a fun look for a laid back casual day. Create denim nail art and wear it with your favorite pair of jeans!

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