What Is An Unconventional Layout


Unconventional is in and habitué is out when it comes to blog/website layout. And why not, when the number of websites are outnumbering total users, an individual identity is an essential requisite for survival and existence. There is quite a buzz about unconventional layouts and everyone seems to be talking about it. But do we really understand what the word “unconventional“ means. Well we have come up with an detailed article for understanding it better.

Unconventional Wallpapers


It seems like everyone and their dog has a blog these days. As a result, the online world is flooded with a variety of information and opinions that could send even the savviest of web junkies into overload. Therefore, if you are thinking of starting a blog you will need to design it in an unconventional manner to stand out from the crowd.


So, what exactly does an unconventional blog look like? This largely depends on your target audience. However, a blog can typically be considered unconventional in either its content or layout. If you really want to set yourself apart from the masses, then you should develop a blog that is unconventional in both content and layout. The following are a few tips for developing an unconventional blog to help you turn your blog aspirations into the next online success story.

Research the Competition

Before you can begin creating an unconventional outlet for your audience members, you must first research your competition. This researching phase involves locating the top blogs within your target audience segment. Once you locate them, spend some time evaluating their structure and take notes on what is working well for them and what you think could be improved upon.

This is a very important first step because it will show you what information is currently being consumed by your target audience members and what informational needs aren‘t being met. The key to blog success is tapping into that needed realm and then delivering the content in an unconventional manner.

Design the Blog

After determining which content is craved by your audience, you can move onto the fun part – designing the blog. If you aren‘t confident in your ability to design the blog‘s layout in a professional manner, this is the point where you should outsource the work to a professional blog designer. Countless affordable professional designers are available so you shouldn‘t have a problem finding one with the experience you require for this project.

Some ideas to get you started (with the showcase to follow):

  • The focus on the background;
  • Adding some cool fluctuation (e.g. change colors and header images while a person browses)
  • Adding a huge static image to the right (that would stay there while one scrolls);
  • Focus on typography
  • You name it!

What is an unconventional layout

What is an unconventional layout

What is an unconventional layout

What is an unconventional layout

While designing the blog layout in an unconventional manner is important, you should also focus on the quality of your content. To capture and hold the attention of your readers, include content that pushes the limit and is accompanied with eye-catching photos.

Since the online world is so inundated with information, it‘s very easy to become lost in the crowd and never generate the desired traffic to your blog. By creating an unconventionally designed blog, you will increase the chance that it will begin generating popularity through word of mouth.


  1. You talk about this for blog layouts, but it really goes for any web design.

    I love the fact that you’re talking about unconventional design because we–as a web design community–need to push the envelope and explore the possibilities of the medium. I’ve seen way to many “design” sites that just ask us to abide by grids and show us simple, obvious techniques that everyone is using. But just because everyone is using it doesn’t mean that we should, too!

    Be bold and creative when it comes to your layout! Don’t just follow the standards and templates. Do something new and interesting! It will either fail boldly or succeed boldly. But, whatever you do, don’t simply color inside the lines!

    Great post. Thank you for this!

  2. For designing anything you need to be smart creative and thinking personality and also must have good knowledge ..but another think is experimenting you need to experiment a lot for find the best one…great informative post..


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