9 Breathtaking Aku Aku Tattoo Designs


In addition to their very vibrant colors and highly intricate details, aku aku tattoo designs are incredibly common amongst those who are fans of the crash bandicoot video game series. However, they can be found on those who have never played the game before too. In fact, though the basic aku aku tattoos feature the main character’s mask from the game and most people assume these designs are only obtained by younger individuals, adults who have never heard of the game before also have the designs inked on them – due to how aesthetically pleasing these tattoos are.

Considering the fact that the Crash Bandicoot video game series has many different characters in it, it should come as no surprise that those seeking aku aku tattoo designs have many different options to choose from. And fortunately for the artists who implement these designs, all of the characters are not only fun to draw, but also very appealing. They have almost human-like features, yet, appear as fictional, cartoon-based, made-up video game characters. Though cartoony character’s may not be the style most some people enjoy, the coloring, shading, and uniqueness of the designs help the tattoos stand out quite well. Moreover, depending on what character is chosen for the design, it also serves as a way of communication between like-minded gamers, allowing them to discuss why they like the character they chose.

To those who are unfamiliar with the series, these characters may appear look somewhat similar, however, they all have their own distinct appearance and unique features, helping to keep each design very original. So, whether you are a fan of the crash bandicoot video game series yourself, or you are just wanting to scroll through some very unique images, be sure to check out the list below – we are sure it will not disappoint you!

1. A Very Colorful Aku Aku Back Of The Leg Tattoo

As you can tell from the cartoonish graphics and oddly shaped eyes, this is certainly a video game-based design. And due to the artist’s very nicely done work, it certainly stands out well!

A Very Colorful Aku Aku Back Of The Leg Tattoo

2. A Rather Angry Looking Aku Aku Wrist Tattoo

Not only does this one look neat, but it features a different (and much more angry looking) mask than most of the aku aku designs. And fortunately this particular image gives you not one, but two looks at the tattoo.

A Rather Angry Looking Aku Aku Wrist Tattoo

3. Another Great Aku Aku Back Of The Leg Tattoo Design

To be honest, this one is perhaps the most vibrant on the entire list. Just look at how well the coloring came out. Certainly a great choice for those wanting their tattoo to be seen from a distance!

Another Great Aku Aku Back Of The Leg Tattoo Design

4. An Aku Aku Mask, Done Entirely In Grey Ink

Though the game itself features a lot of different color schemes amongst the characters, some of the best aku aku tattoo designs are done solely in grey ink. Just look at the image below, it came out nice and proves that these designs look great, with or without color added in.

An Aku Aku Mask, Done Entirely In Grey Ink

5. A Very Nicely Done Aku Aku Shoulder Design


To be honest, this one was done so well by the artist who implemented it, that it almost looks more like a cropped, imported image than an actual aku aku tattoo. However, we can assure you that it is an actual aku aku design.

A Very Nicely Done Aku Aku Shoulder Design

6. Aku Aku And Uka Uka

Though these designs may look somewhat similar to one another, they are actually two different characters. In fact, throughout the entire series, these two are bitter enemies – just ask those who have played it before!

Aku Aku And Uka Uka

7. An Extremely Noticeable Aku Aku Rib Tattoo

Though the design itself is rather standard, it certainly sticks out well and is very nicely shaded. Fortunately, it can also be covered up very easily, making it a great choice for those with serious jobs who want to keep their designs somewhat hidden.

An Extremely Noticeable Aku Aku Rib Tattoo

8. Another Great Aku Aku And Uka Uka Design

This one is also very creative, featuring two of the main crash bandicoot video game series characters done in a rather unique style, with some blue and purple smoke behind them!

Another Great Aku Aku And Uka Uka Design

9. An Almost Three Dimensional Version Of Aku Aku

This one is done so incredibly well, that it almost appears to be three dimensional. Perhaps those wanting an aku aku design of their own should contact the very talented artist who did this one!

An Almost Three Dimensional Version Of Aku Aku


Well there you have it, the nine aku aku tattoo designs that (in our personal opinion) are the best online. Not only are these tattoo designs extremely creative, but they are all done very well, and appear almost identical to the actual characters found throughout the crash bandicoot video game series. So, if you are someone interested in getting one of these designs for yourself, we’re sure the designs above will give you some great ideas to work with, and if you’re someone who was just looking for some neat images to scroll through, then we hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Keep in mind that there are many more aku aku tattoo designs online that were not included in our list, so if you have trouble getting inspired by these nine images, but still want to get a crash bandicoot-based design, be sure to search for some more through Google, Yahoo, or through some different tattoo parlors websites. Also, remember to put your own twist on whatever you get – since so many people have these rather common aku aku designs tattooed on them, creativity and originality are the only ways of making sure your design really stands out well!


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