5 Meaningful Designs for Flower Tattoos


People get tattoos for a variety of reasons, but the vast majority will likely to choose a symbol that is significant to them in some way. Instead of simply adding script or a phrase in your tattoo, why not consider choosing a symbol that represents you? You may not believe that flower tattoos could hold a hidden meaning. For those who are seeking both a beautiful design and a meaningful piece of body art, the flower could be an innovative alternative to a traditional tattoo.

5 Meaningful Designs for Flower Tattoos

1. Amaryllis. This flower generally features rich red tones. The flower is also an unusual star shape, and it is sure to make a striking addition to any tattoo design. Amaryllis generally signifies success after a struggle. If, for example, you have overcome addiction or some serious illness, or achieved a significant academic goal, an amaryllis might be right for your flower tattoo design.


2. Pansy. These humble garden flowers generally signify remembrance. Pansies are often placed on headstones or memorials to honor those who have died. Further, the pansy is a beautiful symbol for unity, community and togetherness, which gives it a special meaning for flower tattoo ideas.


3. Lily. These beautiful flowers are not just for Easter. In fact, they have a deep and rich symbolic history that dates all the way back to early Greece! Lilies are excellent options for flower tattoos designed to symbolize a relationship; consider including this elegant flower in a tattoo dedicated to a partner, spouse, child or relative. Further, the lily‘s two sets of three petals represent the three virtues of charity, hope and faith, making it a fine addition for religious tattoos, as well.


4. Roses. Rose tattoos are still among the most common and famous symbols for love and affection. Did you know that the different colors of roses can stand for a variety of emotions and ideas? Your flower tattoos could include a yellow rose to represent friendship, a white rose to symbolize innocence and purity, or even a black rose to mourn the death of a loved one. Do not restrict yourself to the traditional red rose scheme; instead, consider one of the other symbolic rose options.


5. Lotus. As Eastern philosophies continue to gain traction in the United States, an increasing number of men and women may be considering flower tattoos involving lotuses. These water plants have significant symbolic value for the Eastern cultures; the flower tattoos represent enlightenment and struggle, and they give hope for an ultimate state of inner peace. Use a lotus tattoo to remind yourself that there is beauty and good fortune in the world!


Whether you are considering flower tattoos for memorial or celebratory purposes, a type of plant exists for your specific needs. Further, your qualified tattoo artist can help you create the best design for your cool tattoo ideas.



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