30 Eye-Catching Mandala Tattoo Designs

mandala hand tattoo

Often represented by a circle, mandala tattoos symbolize balance, wholeness, and perfection.

hough they are used in almost every religion, mandalas are especially popular amongst Hindus and Buddhists, aiming to reach a higher level of awareness.

In addition to being rather spiritual, mandalas also look great an almost any part of the body and can be customized very easily. In fact, many people add in their favorite colors, spiritual symbols, animals, and fonts to create their own design. Whether you are looking to get some ideas for your own design, or just wanting to check out some neat tattoos, the list below should certainly be of help.

1. Mandala Thigh Tattoo For Women

A great choice for women. Fortunately, even just the outline looks great!

Mandala Thigh Tattoo For Women

2. Mandala Back Piece

They may take multiple sessions, a little bit of your savings, and a great tattoo artist, however, mandala back pieces look amazing.

Mandala Back Piece

3. Mandala Arm Sleeve For Men

Also a great choice for anyone looking to get an arm sleeve.

Mandala Arm Sleeve For Men

4. Mandala Neck Tattoo Design

It may be hard to cover, but it will certainly look great.

Mandala Neck Tattoo

5. This Mandala Ankle Tattoo

Common mainly amongst women, the ankle is a great place for this spiritual design.

Mandala Ankle Tattoo

6. This Mandala Hand Tattoo Design

Another hard to cover, yet visually pleasing spot for a mandala.

Mandala Hand Tattoo

7. Mandala Elephants

Often meant to symbolize power, strength, and wisdom, elephants look great alongside mandala tattoos.

Mandala Elephant

8. Mandala Hasma Hands

Hasma hands have long been know for their powerful symbolism, and are commonly associated with mandala designs. In most cases, mandala hasma hands are meant to represent either bravery, calmness, or protection.

Mandala Hasma Hands

9. Mandala Dreamcatcher

Found mostly on people who understand thought, intuition, and nature on a level deeper than most, mandala dream catchers are meant to represent profound spiritual respect and understanding.

Mandala Dreamcatcher

10. This Mandala Moon

The meaning behind each mandala moon tattoo varies, depending on what phase the moon is in.

Mandala Moon

11. This Colorful Geometric Mandala Design

The color just adds to the beauty!

Colorful Geometric Mandala Design

12. The Galaxy Mandala Tattoo Design

Usually found on those who have developed a strong intuitive connection with the universe, galaxy mandala tattoos are very complex and extremely detailed.

Galaxy Mandala Tattoo Design

13. This Watercolor Mandala Design

If you’re one of those lucky enough to find a good water color tattoo artist.

Mandala Watercolor Design

14. Mandala Hip Tattoo For Women

This may be a rather painful area to be tattooed, however, it will look great with a pair of shorts.

Mandala Hip Tattoo For Women

15. Combined Mandalas

What is better than a great mandala tattoo design? Two halves of a mandala tattoo design combined into one.

Combined Mandalas

16. This Flower Mandala

Often meant to symbolize balance, eternity, and femininity, flower mandalas are very meaningful, and extremely popular amongst women.

Flower Mandala

17. Lotus Mandala

For those who love nature, the lotus mandala design is a great choice!

Lotus Mandala

18. This Mandala Bird Tattoo Design

Also commonly associated with nature, birds go great with just about any mandala design.

Mandala Bird Tattoo Design

19. Feather Mandala

A tribal-based feather mandala design.

Feather Mandala

20. Another Beautiful Flower Mandala

Another one of the many flower mandala variations.

Flower Mandala

21. This Curvy and Colorful Mandala

Though most all mandala designs are straight-lined, there are some that curve!

Curvy and Colorful Mandala

22. This Skull Mandala

Though this specific tattoo looks great, skulls are not often associated with mandalas, making this perhaps the most uncommon design on the entire list.

Skull Mandala

23. Sea Turtle Mandala

Another symbol not often found alongside mandala designs, the sea turtle.

Sea Turtle Mandala

24. This Unique Anchor Mandala Design

Anchors, often used to represent determination, look great on almost any design.

Anchor Mandala Design

25. Another Nice Moon Mandala

Proven by this picture, moon mandala style moons look great in many different phases.

Mandala Moons

26. Owl Mandala

A very unique idea, and a huge hit with owl lovers.

Owl Mandala

27. This Mandala Tiger Tattoo

For those looking to portray strength and courage, mandala tigers may be of interest.

Mandala Tiger Tattoo

28. This Blackwork Mandala Design

They may not have any color, but blackwork mandala designs stick out great and are incredibly bold.

Blackwork Mandala Tattoo

29. This Mandala Eye Tattoo Design

The all-seeing mandala eye!

Mandala Eye Tattoo Design

30. Mandala Lion

Similar to mandala tigers in many ways, the mandala lion also symbolizes strength, courage, and bravery.

Mandala Lion

Since there are so many different types of mandala tattoos, designs, and styles to choose from, it is highly recommended that you research their meanings before getting one for yourself.


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