25 Aesthetically Pleasing Royal King Tattoos

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Whether they include a crown, or a king related quote, tattoos that symbolize royalty are incredibly catchy. In addition to the statement they make, they are also extremely popular, and sought out by many people all over the world.

Often used as multi-element tattoos, crowns and king related designs are very symbolic, usually representing power and wealth. Though they are mostly worn by royal families, some wear them in hopes of reaching greater heights.

Unbeknownst to many, there are actually a lot of different royal king tattoo designs, which is why we have put together the following list. In addition to serving as somewhat of a royal king tattoo design showcase, the list below is also helpful for those looking to get one of their own.

1. This Highly-Detailed Crown Tattoo

Though it may be just an outline, this highly detailed crown tattoo certainly looks great. Just imagine how good it will look once it is all filled in!

Highly Detailed Crown Tattoo

2. This Royal King (and Queen) Tattoo

For royal kings, who also have a queen.

Royal King (and Queen) Tattoo

3. A Royal King Tattoo, With Initials

One really great way to truly customize your royal king tattoo, is by incorporating your initials into it.

Royal King Tattoo, With Initials

4. A Royal King Skull Tattoo

Incredibly detailed, and incredibly powerful. Often found alongside royal king tattoos, skulls are meant to symbolize power, as well as living each day to the fullest.

Royal King With Skull

5. This Royal King Tattoo, With A Meaningful Date

A great way to not only symbolize power, but to also remember and hold onto a date that is important to you.

Royal King Tattoo, With A Meaningful Date

6. A Royal Quote!

Proven by the picture below, quotes look great on just about any tattoo.

A Royal Quote!

7. This Royal King Chest Piece Tattoo

A rather painful spot to get tattooed, however, the finished product does look great.

Royal King Chest Piece Tattoo

8. Black and White King and Queen Hand Tattoos

Keep in mind, as far as royal king (and queen) tattoos go, neither crowns nor color have to be included.

Black and White King and Queen Hand Tattoos

9. All Gold Royal King Tattoo, With A Date 

If you do plan on adding color to your royal king tattoo, gold is likely the best candidate. Not only does gold symbolize riches and wealth, but it also helps tattoos stand out.

All Gold

10. Royal King With Lion Tattoo

Another great choice of imagery to add to your royal king tattoo, a lion.

Royal King With Lion Tattoo

11. A Royal King Tattoo, With Wings

Great for chest pieces.

Royal King Tattoo, With Wings

12. A Rather Angry Lion King

Don’t get on his bad side!

Rather Angry Lion King

13. Another Great King (and Queen) Tattoo, This Time In The Form Of Lions

Great for couples. They don’t necessarily match, however, they are incredibly similar, and have the same overall meaning to them. A royal king and his royal queen, in lion form.

King and Queen Tattoo In The Form Of Lions

14. A Slight Variation Of The Royal King, Known As The “Suicide” King

Known and commonly referred to as the “suicide king” this version of the royal king tattoo is slightly altered.

The Suicide King

15. The Royal King and Joker Tattoo

Perhaps for those with multiple personalities.

The Royal King and Joker Tattoo

16. A Royal King Tattoo, For Women

Believe it or not, royal king tattoos are often seen on women, not just men. Since the one seen below is so small and subtle, it fits perfectly right under the collar bone.

Royal King Tattoo, For Women

17. Another Great Royal King Tattoo, With A Quote

Incredibly realistic, with an excellent quote!

Great Royal King Tattoo, With A Quote

18. This Royal King Brooklyn Tattoo

A great way to show your royalty, as well as your hometown. This one even has a date on it too.

Royal King Brooklyn Tattoo

19. A Full Royal King Back Piece Tattoo

They may take a few sessions to complete, and they may be somewhat painful, but royal king back pieces do look amazing.

Full Royal King Back Piece Tattoo

20. Full Color With Roses

For those who really want their royal king tattoos to be seen, colors and roses are highly recommended.

Full Color With Roses

21. Simple, Yet Meaningful

Royal king tattoos don’t necessarily have to take up a lot of room on you. In fact, some people have royal king tattoos on their fingers, toes, and wrists.

Subtle, Yet Meaningful

22. This Royal King Neck Tattoo

For those of us who can get away with face and neck tattoos, the design below may certainly be of interest.

Royal King Neck Tattoo

23. Another Great Royal King Neck Tattoo

Surprisingly, even some women have royal king neck tattoos.

Another Great Royal King Neck Tattoo

24. Royal King Tattoo With Lion and Rose

Very noticeable, and almost indistinguishable from an actual lion!

Royal King Tattoo With Lion and Rose

25. This Royal King Bird Tattoo

For those wanting to stray away from over-used lions and add a bit of uniqueness to their royal king tattoo.

Royal King Bird Tattoo

For those looking to express their inner-worthiness to the world, the designs above should certainly be of interest. And fortunately, whether you are in a royal family yourself, or just looking for some extra motivation in order to get there, you too can get a royal king tattoo.


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