22 Memorable Pet Rat Tattoo Designs


Most people think of rats as dirty vermin, which should only be eradicated. A select few open-minded and unique individuals, though, understand the amazing value of keeping these fun loving furry creatures as pets!

Rats, as pets, are intriguing creatures. Anyone who has had the pleasure of keeping a pet rat knows that they are incredibly intelligent, loving, and loyal little creatures. Rat owners often become quite attached to their little furry friends. Some become so enamored with these awesome little creatures that they opt to have a pet rat tattoo inked onto their skin.

A pet rat tattoo is a great way to show the world your love of rats! It’s also a great way to honor a particularly memorable pet rat or all of the pet rats you’ve had and will have. A pet rat tattoo can be a simple outline or a realistic portrait of a real rat. You might also want to choose a cartoon rat design.

If you’re looking for a pet rat tattoo design idea, look no further! We’ve rounded up some of the cutest and most precious rat tattoos out there!

1. Simple and Decorative Pet Rat Line Tattoo

A pet rat tattoo doesn’t have to be overly complex to be stunning!

pet rat tattooImage Source

2. Simple Pet Rat Outline Tattoo

No need to go overboard—this simple pet rat outline tattoo is just fine!

pet rat tattooImage Source

3. Pet Rat Tattoo With Chinese Symbol

Pet rat tattoos are also perfect for those who fall under the sign of The Rat in the Chinese zodiac.

pet rat tattooImage Source

4. Cute Rat With Heart Tattoo

For the adorable rat who stole your heart.

pet rat tattooImage Source

5. Heart Tail Pet Rat Tattoo

A cute rat with an even cuter tail design!

pet rat tattooImage Source

6. Knotted Rats Tattoo

This knotted rats tattoo puts a bit of an intricate Celtic spin on a pet rat tattoo.

pet rat tattooImage Source

7. Adorable Pet Rat Tattoo Design

This reclining pet rat tattoo would make a super cute choice for a forearm tattoo for women!

pet rat tattooImage Source

8. Pet Rat Memorial Ankle Tattoo

Say one final goodbye with a tasteful rat silhouette ankle tattoo.

pet rat tattooImage Source

9. Rat Ink Tattoo

This pet rat tattoo looks lie it was drawn in ink—an amazing design!

pet rat tattooImage Source

10. Negative Space Pet Rat Tattoo

Another great ink pet rat tattoo design, this time with the rat in the negative space.

pet rat tattooImage Source

11. Pet Rat Foot Tattoo

The foot is a unique and inconspicuous place to put your own pet rat tattoo.

pet rat tattooImage Source

12. Group of Pet Rats Tattoo

If you can’t choose your favorite pet rat, how about a group shot?

pet rat tattooImage Source

13. 3D Shoulder Pet Rat Tattoo

This pet rat tattoo is an amazing work of 3D art!

pet rat tattooImage Source

14. Blue Shaded Pet Rat Tattoo

The blue shading adds a cute and colorful element to this adorable and realistic pet rat tattoo.

pet rat tattooImage Source

15. Footprints and Pet Rat Tattoo

Little rattie footprints add a fun touch to pet rat tattoos!

pet rat tattooImage Source

16. Emotional Pet Rat Portrait Tattoo

A pet rat tattoo as realistic as this one is sure to bring back some bittersweet memories when the little bugger is gone.

pet rat tattooImage Source

17. Yin and Yang Rat Tattoo

A perfect choice for a couple of inseparable sibling pet rats!

pet rat tattooImage Source

18. Rat and Clock Tattoo

A beautiful tattoo to remember a beautiful soul!

pet rat tattooImage Source

19. Rat With Flower Tattoo

This cute little rattie is holding a flower—just for you!

pet rat tattooImage Source

20. Rat With Flowers Tattoo

Pretty little female pet rats are right at home on a bed of gorgeous flowers.

pet rat tattooImage Source

21. Angel Rat With Wings Tattoo

What a beautiful way to remember a loving pet who passed!

pet rat tattooImage Source

22. Cartoon Pet Rat Tattoo

If you’re looking for a fun pet rat tattoo, this cartoon rat tattoo might fit the bill.

pet rat tattooImage Source

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