20 Breathtaking Wings Tattoo Design Ideas for Women


Back tattoos for women can be graceful and very pleasing to the eye. One of the most beautiful back tattoos for women is a pair of wings. A wing tattoo design usually consists of two wings, one on either side of the back. The most common placements for a set of wings tattoos is on the upper back, shoulder blades, and arms. Larger tattoos of this sort can even extend all the way down the back.

Angel wings are probably one of the most common wings tattoo designs for women.

They’re feminine and pretty. Some women, however, prefer more unique designs, including demon wings, dragon wings, and even butterfly wings.

The type of wings you choose for your own tattoo is a completely personal choice. If you’re looking for ideas, though, take a look at this list of amazing wing tattoos for women!

1. Outlined Wings Tattoo Design

I simple outline of wings as a tattoo across the upper back and shoulders still leaves a pretty lasting impact on anyone who sees it!

wings tattoo designImage Source

2. Spreading Wings Tattoo Design

A properly designed and placed wings tattoo design on a woman can create the illusion that she is spreading her wings to fly!

wings tattoo designImage Source

3. Wings Tattoo Design in 3D

The detail and shadows in this wings tattoo design make it seem as if the wings are coming right off this woman’s back.

wings tattoo designImage Source

4. Full Back Wings Tattoo

This breathtaking wings tattoo design extends all the from the shoulders down the back for an absolutely amazing piece of art n this woman’s back!

wings tattoo designImage Source

5. Angel and Demon Wings Tattoo Design

If you’ve got a sweet side and a sassy side, a mix of an angel wing and a demon wing might be just the thing.

wings tattoo designImage Source

6. Quote and Wings Tattoo

Meaningful quotes can make a nice addition to a wings tattoo design.

wings tattoo designImage Source

7. Simple Tribal Dragon Wings Tattoo

A couple of simple tribal dragons on each shoulder blade can create a pretty awesome wings tattoo for women!

wings tattoo designImage Source

8. Tribal Wings Back Tattoo

A tribal design makes for a pretty cool wings tattoo design!

wings tattoo designImage Source

9. Bleeding Wings Tattoo

Bleeding wings are a little macabre, but they’re also pretty beautiful as a tattoo design!

wings tattoo designImage Source


10. Dragonfly Wings Tattoo for Women

A dragonfly wings tattoo design is a nice alternative to the typical angel wings tattoos that you normally see.

wings tattoo designImage Source

11. Butterfly Wings Back Tattoo

For butterfly lovers, these butterfly wings make a pretty awesome back tattoo!

wings tattoo designImage Source

12. Dragon Wings Tattoo Design

A pair of dragon wings on the back are definitely pretty wicked!

wings tattoo designImage Source

13. Skeleton Wings Tattoo

Bony wings can be more graceful than you think when inked on the right back!

wings tattoo designImage Source

14. Blue Tattooed Wings

These wings tattooed on this woman’s back are the prettiest shade of blue!

wings tattoo designImage Source

15. Rainbow Wings Tattoo

For a serious splash of color, wings inked in every shade of the rainbow are about perfect!

wings tattoo designImage Source

16. Orange and Green Wings Tattoo

Here’s another set of pretty colorful tattooed wings on the back!

wings tattoo designImage Source

17. White Tattooed Angel Wings

White ink can make a hauntingly beautiful and subtle tattooed wings design!

wings tattoo designImage Source

18. Bird and Wings Back Tattoo

A tribal bird design on the back can extend its wings across the shoulders for a design that pulls double duty!

wings tattoo designImage Source

19. Fairy Wings Tattoo

This fairy wings henna tattoo design would look super sexy and cute as a permanent tattoo!

wings tattoo designImage Source

20. Shoulder and Arm Wing Tattoo

This shoulder wing tattoo extends across the back and down the arm for an eye catching tattoo design!

wings tattoo designImage Source

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