19 Darling Little Daisy Tattoo Designs


Daisy tattoo designs are great choices for tattoos for women! These flowers are feminine, graceful, and pretty.

Daisies represent different things to different people. The most common meaning of a daisy tattoo, though, is that of innocence and purity. This particular flower is also sometimes associated with Christianity.

White is typically the most common color for a daisy tattoo. The white petals of this flower can be created by leaving the skin bare in this part of the design or by using white ink in the tattoo. Not all daisy tattoos have to be white, though. In fact, they can be any color you choose, from bright pink to blue to purple.

Want some inspiration for your own daisy tattoo? Check out the tattoo design ideas below!

1. Daisy Thigh Tattoo

A string of daisies fits perfectly along the length of the thigh!

daisy tattooImage Source

2. Daisy With Stem Tattoo

Including the daisy’s stems in the tattoo adds a nice pop of color. The stems and leaves can also be made to be fancy and decorative.

daisy tattooImage Source

3. Small Daisy Hip Tattoo

Ladies looking for a small hip tattoo might want to consider a little daisy tattoo design.

daisy tattooImage Source

4. Matching Daisy Tattoos

Single daisy tattoo designs make nice matching tattoos!

daisy tattooImage Source

5. Daisy Petals Tattoo

Ladies who have plucked daisy petals chanting “he loves me, he loves me not” can identify with this cute daisy tattoo!

daisy tattooImage Source

6. Quote and Daisy Tattoo

Creating a daisy stem from a quote is a clever way to add some meaningful words to your daisy tattoo.

daisy tattooImage Source

7. Daisy Wrist Tattoo

A daisy makes a beautiful and simple wrist tattoo for women!

daisy tattooImage Source

8. Realistic Daisy Tattoo

A talented tattoo artist can create a beautiful piece of work with a realistic daisy tattoo!

daisy tattooImage Source

9. Daisy Heart Tattoo

A heart shaped center on this daisy tattoo design makes this a super cute tattoo for women!


daisy tattooImage Source

10. Bumble Bee and Daisy Tattoo

Bumble bees are a natural accompaniment to daisies, and they make a super cute addition to daisy tattoos!

daisy tattooImage Source

11. Daisy Chain Arm Band Tattoo

Daisy chains make unique and adorable arm band tattoos for women!

daisy tattooImage Source

12. Lady Bug and Daisy Tattoo

A lady bug also makes a great addition to daisy tattoos!

daisy tattooImage Source

13. Daisy and Peace Sign Tattoo

Daisies and peace signs just seem to do together, don’t they?

daisy tattooImage Source

14. Daisy Shoulder Tattoo

Here’s a gorgeous shoulder tattoo for women featuring some beautiful daisies and some intricate decorative lines!

daisy tattooImage Source

15. Watercolor Daisy Tattoo

Watercolor paint splatters make a gorgeous colorful background for white daisy tattoos!

daisy tattooImage Source

16. Little Daisy Ankle Tattoo

This little daisy tattoo makes a cute ankle tattoo!

daisy tattooImage Source

17. Daisy Toe Tattoo

You wouldn’t expect a tattoo on the big toe, making this a cute little surprise!

daisy tattooImage Source

18. Daisy Rib Tattoo

Tall daisies make a beautiful addition to a graceful rib cage!

daisy tattooImage Source

19. Daisy Chain Rib and Hip Tattoo

Daisy chain tattoos on the ribs can also extend down over the hip and thigh.

daisy tattooImage Source

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