18 Cute Skull Tattoo Designs for Women

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Skull tattoo designs are still one of the most popular tattoo designs out there. THere’s just something alluring about a macabre, fleshless head inked into the skin. Some women, though, may shy away from skull tattoos, partly due to their masculine designs. For ladies looking for a more feminine skull design, though, cute skull tattoo designs might be the perfect option!

Feminine and cute skull tattoo designs generally employ the use of feminine colors, like pink and purple. Many cute skull tattoos also include girly details like bows.

Think a cute skull tattoo might be just the thing for you? Check out these cute and feminine skull tattoos for a little inspiration!

1. Pink Skull Tattoo

You can’t get much girlier than pink for a cute skull tattoo!

cute skull tattooImage Source

2. Pink Skull With Blue Bow Tattoo

A mean looking pink skull is oh so cute with a blue bow on top of its head!

cute skull tattoo 2Image Source

3. Cute Skull Tattoo With Heart Eyes

The difference between a skull tattoo and a cue skull tattoo is just a couple heart eyes and a pretty pink bow!

cute skull tattooImage Source

4. Decorative Pink Skull Tattoo

A pink skull with heart shaped eyes should be girly enough, but the decorative pink scrolls really makes this a totally girly design!

cute skull tattooImage Source

5. Cute Skull Tattoo With Flowers

Simple flowers added to a cute skull tattoo are a nice girly touch in this design.

cute skull tattooImage Source

6. Skull Tattoo With Red Bow

The red bow in the background of this skull tattoo brings out a feminine feel to this design.

cute skull tattooImage Source

7. Skull With Pearls Tattoo

How do you dress up a skull and crossbones? Add some pink eye shadow, a pink bow, and a strand of pearls!

cute skull tattooImage Source

8. Skull With Pink Pigtails Tattoo

Pink hair and pigtails on a skull? It sure makes for a girly and cute skull tattoo design!

cute skull tattoo 8Image Source

9. Cute Skull Foot Tattoo

The foot is a great place for a cute skull tattoo with some bright pink stars!

cute skull tattooImage Source

10. Cute Skull Chest Tattoos

A couple of dressed up lady skulls make for an interesting eye catching design for the ladies!

cute skull tattooImage Source

11. Spiderweb Skull Tattoo

Just because it’s a cute skull tattoo doesn’t mean it can’t have a little touch of the creepy and macabre!

cute skull tattooImage Source

12. Sugar Skull Tattoo

Sugar skulls are beautiful skull tattoo designs for both men and women, but their bright colors, intricate detail, and accompanying flowers make them a particularly great fit for the ladies!

cute skull tattooImage Source

13. Cute Sugar Skull Tattoo

A simpler version of a sugar skull tattoo design can also be dressed up with bows to make a super cute skull tattoo design!

cute skull tattooImage Source

14. Flower Skull Tattoo Design

A skull tattoo made from flowers? Such a gorgeous skull tattoo for women!

cute skull tattooImage Source

15. Butterfly Skull Tattoo Design

Here’s an amazing and creative cute skull tattoo design!

cute skull tattooImage Source

16. Leopard Print Skull Tattoo

For a truly unique skull tattoo for women, this leopard print design is a fantastic example!

cute skull tattooImage Source

17. Skull Lip Print Tattoo

A skull and crossbones embedded into a set of bright red lip prints is a sexy variation of the classic skull and crossbones design!

cute skull tattooImage Source

18. Cupcake and Crossbones Tattoo

If you’re looking for a really unique and super cute skull tattoo design, think outside the box. This cupcake and crossbones tattoo isn’t an obvious skull, for instance, but look close enough and you get the idea…

cute skull tattooImage Source

Just because these cute skull tattoo designs are somewhat feminine, doesn’t mean that they aren’t suitable for guys too. Some of the designs could actually be seen as unisex designs. A feminine skull tattoo design on a guy could also be symbolic of a strong female figure in his life, like a mother, daughter, or wife.


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