Best Girl Skull Tattoos For Women

Skull tattoos

Skulls have become a fascinating art tattoo, lately and become a part of many tattoo designs. Earlier, skull tattoos were very famous amongst the Boys but with time now girls too have come in the clan.

Awesome Girly Skull Tattoos

There are many cute skull tattoos that girls love to have tattooed. Many of them get a colorful skull made on the foot or the neck. This adds to the glamor and looks fabulous too.

Girly skull tattoos come in many cute and vibrant colors for all those girls who are interested to get them done on the body.

These skull tattoos are not very scary or masculine to look at but they add another level of style to the whole personality. Skull tattoos can be made along with another major tattoo like a flower or an edible.

These tattoos act complementary to the main tattoo or if used single-handed, they look fabulous as one complete tattoo. Girly skull tattoos are a must for all the flamboyant girls to go for.

Skull Lovers

Foodie Skull

Candy Skull

Cute Skull Tattoo Designs

Skull tattoo designs are still one of the most popular tattoo designs out there. THere’s just something alluring about a macabre, fleshless head inked into the skin. Some women, though, may shy away from skull tattoos, partly due to their masculine designs. For ladies looking for a more feminine skull design, though, cute skull tattoo designs might be the perfect option!

Feminine and cute skull tattoo designs generally employ the use of feminine colors, like pink and purple. Many cute skull tattoos also include girly details like bows.

Think a cute skull tattoo might be just the thing for you? Check out these cute and feminine skull tattoos for a little inspiration!

Pink Skull Tattoo

You can’t get much girlier than pink for a cute skull tattoo!

Pink Skull With Blue Bow Tattoo

A mean looking pink skull is oh so cute with a blue bow on top of its head!

Cute Skull Tattoo With Heart Eyes

The difference between a skull tattoo and a cue skull tattoo is just a couple heart eyes and a pretty pink bow!


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