17 Striking Pool Tattoo Design Ideas


Pool is a common game today, and you’d be hard pressed to find a bar or lounge without a pool table. At one time, though, this wasn’t so. Pool, or billiards, started out as a lawn game, similar to croquet. It wasn’t until the 15th century that the game was moved indoors onto a raised wooden table with green felt that simulated grass. Billiards was also once a game reserved for royalty and nobility. Over time, though, the game became more and more popular, and pool was played by nobility and commoners alike.

Today, pool is a very popular game. Not only is it played in pool halls, pubs, and taverns, but it’s also played as a sport in serious competition. It’s a game that requires a great deal of skill and strategy, but also involves some chance.

Serious pool players may love the game so much that they opt to get inked with a pool tattoo.

A good pool tattoo design is individual and personal, and often not only represents a love of the game, but also has other meanings as well.

The 8 ball is a popular choice for a pool tattoo design, mainly due to the fact that it’s almost instantly recognizable to nearly everyone. However, there’s no need to ignore the other pool balls or game accessories. If an 8 ball pool tattoo design is too cliche for you, don’t be afraid to use any of the other elements of the game!

Need some great pool tattoo design ideas? Check out these great designs!

1. Pool Ball Wrist Tattoo

A perfectly placed pool ball wrist tattoo shows at just the right time—when you’re sinking the winning shot.

pool tattoo designImage Source

2. Winged 8 Ball Tattoo

A Flying pool ball tattoo design symbolizes a love of freedom, independence, and billiards.

pool tattoo designImage Source

3. Frog on a Pool Ball Tattoo

Combine your love of frogs and billiards with a frog climbing on a pool ball tattoo. Colorful and symbolic!

pool tattoo designImage Source

4. Snake Eating a Pool Ball Tattoo

One of the fiercer pool tattoo design ideas on the list, this snake tattoo is intense and amazing! A perfect option for someone who’s looking for slightly more unique pool tattoo design ideas.

pool tattoo designImage Source

5. Yellow Pool Tattoo Design With Stars

The yellow nine ball is surrounded by an interesting black and gray design and the blue night sky and yellow stars. Pool tattoo design ideas like this are perfect for anyone looking forward to pool league night!

pool tattoo designImage Source

6. 8 Ball and Rose Pool Tattoo Design

Looking for pool tattoo design ideas for women? This 8 ball and rose tattoo might fit the bill.

pool tattoo designImage Source

7. Lucky Pool Tattoo Design

Need a little extra luck? This pool tattoo design not only features an 8 ball, but also dice, cards, and the word “Lucky”.

pool tattoo designImage Source

8. Flaming Pool Ball, Dice, and Stars Tattoo

Flames, dice, and stars add some striking elements to this pool tattoo design.


pool tattoo designImage Source

9. 3D 8 Ball and Cards Tattoo Design

The reflective detail and shadows in this 8 ball and playing card tattoo add an astounding 3D effect!

pool tattoo designImage Source

10. “Life is Just a Game” Pool Tattoo Design

The quote “Life is Just a Game” fits right in with the flaming card and 8 ball in this pool tattoo design. An added crown atop the pool ball shows that you are the king at mastering life’s little games!

pool tattoo designImage Source

11. Skull and Crossbones Pool Ball Tattoo Design

A skull and crossbones pool tattoo shows that you mean business on the table and off!

pool tattoo designImage Source

12. Sugar Skull Pool Tattoo Design

Sugar skull tattoos are quite popular right now, and the addition of pool items is a great way to personalize this sugar skull tattoo!

pool tattoo designImage Source

13. Demon Pool Tattoo Design Idea

What could be better than a little blue demon taking a crack at some pool balls! This pool tattoo design is definitely unique and awesome!

pool tattoo designImage Source

14. Pool Shark Tattoo Design

It’s best to keep a pool shark tattoo hidden, even one as great as this. Otherwise, you could blow your cover!

pool tattoo designImage Source

15. Great White Pool Shark Tattoo

An amazing realistic great white shark with an 8 ball in its mouth is a stunning depiction of a pool shark!

pool tattoo designImage Source

16. Memorial Pool Tattoo Design

If you lost a pool buddy, this memorial tattoo would be perfect to honor their memory.

pool tattoo designImage Source

17. Pool Chalk Tattoo

If you’re looking for a pool tattoo design idea without pool balls, there are lots of other items to choose from. Even a cube of pool chalk can make for a fine pool tattoo design.

pool tattoo designImage Source

With this list of great pool tattoo design ideas, hopefully you found a great design! If you didn’t find the perfect design, though, don’t give up! There are lots of great designs out there, and a good tattoo artist can also help you come up with the perfect pool tattoo design!

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