17 Magnificent Moon Phases Tattoo Ideas


The different phases of the moon are a great reminder that nothing in life lasts. Everything goes through phases and comes full circle. And a moon phases tattoo is a unique and meaningful tattoo design to symbolize the neverending cycles in life,

A moon phases tattoo can be simple or realistic. It can be placed nearly anywhere on the body, but most people choose large expanses of skin in order to include a longer line of the illustrated phases of the moon. For instance, the spine is a very popular moon phases tattoo placement, and the arms and legs are also quite suitable.

If you have your heart set on a phases of the moon tattoo, half of the battle is choosing the perfect design.

We’ve rounded up some of the most beautiful moon phases tattoo ideas to help you too! Take a look…

1. Simple Moon Phase Spine Tattoo

The neck and back are the perfect place for a moon phases tattoo design, even a simple design!

moon phases tattooImage Source

2. Man in the Moon Phases Tattoo

The man in the moon design looks absolutely alluring when incorporated into a moon phases tattoo!

moon phases tattooImage Source

3. Realistic Moon Phase Tattoo On Spine

If realistic moons are more your thing, this phases of the moon spine tattoo might be just the thing.

moon phases tattooImage Source

4. White Moon Phases Tattoo

White tattoos are becoming more and more popular, and these phases of the moon along the spine in white ink are whimsical and stunning!

moon phases tattooImage Source

5. Small Moon Phases Back Tattoo

A phases of the moon tattoo doesn’t have to be large either; this simple moon back tattoo may be small, but it still has a big impact!

moon phases tattooImage Source

6. Moon Phases Tattoo Across the Shoulders

This simple moon phases tattoo is perfectly placed across the shoulders, don’t you think?

moon phases tattooImage Source

7. Realistic Phases of the Moon Across the Shoulders

More realistic moons across the shoulders look even more stunning, though!

moon phases tattooImage Source

8. Circle Moon Phases Tattoo

Most moon phases tattoo designs are in a straight line, but this ring of moon phases is amazing!

moon phases tattooImage Source


9. Phases of the Moon Abdomen Tattoo

The area just under the breasts isn’t commonly tattooed, and these moon phases make this tatto even more interesting and unique!

moon phases tattooImage Source

10. Moon Phases Thigh Tattoo

The thigh is an excellent place to ink a tattoo with the phases of the moon!

moon phases tattooImage Source

11. Forearm Moon Phase Tattoo

Like the leg, the forearm is a great spot to ink a moon phases tattoo.

moon phases tattooImage Source

12. Unique Moon Phase Forearm Tattoo

This unique moon phase tattoo is definitely eye catching and sure to get a few compliments!

moon phases tattooImage Source

13. Matching Moon Phase Tattoos

A couple of matching moon phase tattoos fits perfectly on the wrists.

moon phases tattooImage Source

14. Moon and Planets Foot Tattoo

A moon phases tattoo matches beautifully with a tattoo of the planets, one on each foot.

moon phases tattooImage Source

15. Compass and Moon Phases Tattoo

Not only is this moon phases tattoo a reminder that nothing is permanent, but it’s also a reminder to keep heading in the right direction.

moon phases tattooImage Source

16. Celtic Knot Moon Phase Tattoo

Intricate Celtic knots intertwine to make some gorgeous moons in different phases!

moon phases tattooImage Source

17. Yin and Yang Moon Phase Tattoo

Here’s an interesting and unique phases of the moon tattoo that can be placed just about anywhere.

moon phases tattooImage Source

A moon phases tattoo is an ethereal reminder to keep on keeping on. The phases of the moon are constantly changing, which serves as a subtle reminder that nothing ever stays the same and no matter how bad things get, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel soon. Hopefully these phases of the moon tattoos gave you some amazing inspiration for your own tattoos!

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