16 Tantalizing Turtle Tribal Tattoos


Tribal tattoos have been around since the earliest tattoos. At one time, they were used by tribes not only for aesthetic reasons, but also to indicate social status and protect the wearers. Today, though, most tribal tattoos are chosen because of their attractive curves and design. Plain tribal tattoos with no discernible shapes are slowly being replaced with tribal tattoo designs shaped like certain objects, particularly animals. Turtle tribal tattoos are particularly popular.

Turtle tattoos symbolic meanings and a rich history of their own. The turtle has been the subject of many popular myths and is meaningful to different people for different reasons. Because of its hard outer shell, for instance, the turtle may symbolize toughness and resilience. Since they can live for decades—sometimes longer than most humans—the turtle may also symbolize health and vitality to some people. Still others just feel a simple and unexplainable connection to the animal.

Whatever reason for choosing a turtle tattoo for yourself, it’s definitely worth considering turtle tribal tattoos. Their graceful and elegant designs are sure to please the majority of people, and you can customize them as you see fit to make the designs your own. Check out these awesome turtle tribal tattoos and see for yourself what I mean…

1. Lower Back Tribal Turtle Tattoo

Place a turtle tribal tattoo on the lower back and show it off ocean-side!

turtle tribal tattoosImage Source

2. Sharks and Turtle Tribal Tattoos

What better companion in turtle tribal tattoos than a couple of feisty sharks?

turtle tribal tattoosImage Source

3. Tribal Turtle Hand Tattoo

Turtle Tribal tattoos on your hands can easily be shown off any time!

turtle tribal tattoosImage Source

4. Turtle Tribal Foot Tattoo

The placement of this swimming turtle tribal tattoo really helped create a vision of this aquatic creature swimming. The tribal waves at the bottom of the design were a nice touch as well.

turtle tribal tattoosImage Source

5. Heart Turtle Shoulder Tattoo

Turtle tribal tattoos can even take the shape of hearts, like this adorable tribal shoulder tattoo.

turtle tribal tattoosImage Source

6. Detailed Turtle Tribal Tattoo

Lots of detail Makes for some exquisite tribal turtle tattoos!

turtle tribal tattoosImage Source

7. Tribal Turtle Tattoo With Flowers

Add a pop of color and a feminine touch with some pretty flowers around your turtle tribal tattoo.

turtle tribal tattoosImage Source

8. Full Back Turtle Tribal Tattoo Design

This large turtle tattoo design takes up almost the entire back, but I’d say it was definitely worth it!


turtle tribal tattoosImage Source

9. Upper Back Turtle Tribal Tattoo

Another great placement for turtle tribal tattoos is the upper back, just below the neck.

turtle tribal tattoosImage Source

10. Peace Sign Turtle Tattoo

Additional elements can also usually be added to turtle tribal tattoos, like peace signs and stars.

turtle tribal tattoosImage Source

11. Small Turtle Ankle Tattoo

If you’re looking for a small ankle tattoo, turtle tribal tattoos are definitely worth looking at!

turtle tribal tattoosImage Source

12. Large Upper Back Tribal Turtle Tattoo

All of the different elements combined in this large tribal turtle tattoo give it some added interest and meaning.

turtle tribal tattoosImage Source

13. Bubbles and Turtle Tattoo

Surround your tribal turtle tattoo with some bubbles to make him feel right at home!

turtle tribal tattoosImage Source

14. Turtle Hibiscus Tattoo

A turtle and hibiscus flower meld together perfectly in this tribal style tattoo!

turtle tribal tattoosImage Source

15. Group of Turtle Tribal Tattoos

Why have just one turtle when you could have a whole bale of turtle tribal tattoos on your calf?

turtle tribal tattoosImage Source

16. Matching Turtle Tribal Tattoos

Finally, a pair of pretty turtle tribal tattoos on the feet is a simply adorable idea!

turtle tribal tattoosImage Source

Choosing the right tattoo artist for your tribal turtle tattoo is an important step. Turtle tribal tattoos require a steady hand and impeccable line work. Be sure to ask to see examples of previous tribal tattoos that the artist has done before committing to getting inked.

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