16 Stunning and Powerful Animal Tribal Tattoos

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At one time, tribal tattoos were mainly worn just by members of tribes around the world and help significant cultural meanings. These days, though, tribal tattoos can be worn by nearly anyone looking to get inked, including both men and women. In fact, a tribal tattoo has become one of the most requested tattoo designs. These tattoos are generally created with all black ink, bold lines, angles, and curves. They are both simple and beautifully intricate at the same time, making it no mystery why they’re so popular.

Tribal tattoos can be more than just pretty designs, though. The shape, design, and placement of a tribal tattoo can hold an important cultural meaning. A tattoo artist can also design a tribal tattoo in a articular shape as well, giving it an even deeper meaning for the wearer. One way to give a tribal tattoo deeper meaning and symbolism for the wearer, for instance, is by designing it in the shape of an animal.

Animal tribal tattoos are not only beautiful works of art, but they’re also often very symbolic. You can choose an animal that hold a special meaning. Some people choose animals simply because they feel a special connection to it, for instance, and others choose animals with admirable characteristics.

If you’re thinking about getting inked with an animal tribal design tattoo, there’s lots of great inspiration out there! Here are a handful of amazing animal tribal tattoos that should give you some great ideas!

1. Butterfly Tribal Tattoo Design

Butterfly tattoos are popular among women, but butterfly tribal tattoos are a little more unique than traditional butterfly tattoos.

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2. Tribal Snake Tattoo

A tribal snake tattoo twisting and curving up the arm makes a strong and unique bicep tattoo for men!

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3. Tribal Bull Tattoo

Bulls are strong and powerful animals, and tribal tattoos in the shape of bulls are great choices for anyone with these characteristics.

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4. Elephant Tribal Tattoo

Elephants are good luck charms for many people, and elephant tribal tattoos are remarkable.

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5. Lizard Tribal Tattoo Design

A cute little lizard looks amazing as a tribal tattoo!

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6. Turtle Tribal Tattoo

People might choose turtle tribal tattoos for a number of symbolic meanings, including health, longevity, feminine power, and intelligence.

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7. Symmetrical Turtle Tribal Tattoo

As you can see, there’s more than one style of turtle tribal tattoos to choose from, making it a very versatile animal tribal tattoo.

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8. Hammerhead Shark Tribal Tattoo

Few ocean creatures are as fascinating and feared as the hammerhead shark, and hammerhead shark tribal tattoos make powerful and intriguing tattoo designs.

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9. Lion Tribal Tattoo

If you’re considering a traditional lion tattoo, you might find some great alternatives in lion tribal tattoos!

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10. Bear Tribal Tattoo With Paw Print

This creative bear tribal tattoo also incorporates a paw print, complete with fierce claws, into the design.

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11. Fox Tribal Tattoo

For the clever and cunning among us, perhaps a fox tribal tattoo…?

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12. Wolf Tribal Tattoo

Wolf tribal tattoos would be perfect for lone wolves, but they would also make unique matching tattoos for pack runners!

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13. Wolf Head Tribal Tattoo

A wolf head tribal tattoo is another eye catching and alluring tattoo.

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14. Kitty Cat Tribal Tattoo

Women looking for cute animal tribal tattoos might want to choose an adorable little kitty cat tribal tattoo.

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15. Panther Tribal Tattoo

If cute little kitty tats aren’t your thing, there are always the fierce panther tribal tattoos!

animal tribal tattoos 15Image Source

16. Eagle Tribal Tattoo

A tribal tattoo design gives a nice twist to a powerful eagle tattoo!

animal tribal tattoos 16Image Source

If you’re looking for an animal tattoo, don’t discount tribal tattoos. While generic tribal designs might be viewed as boring and uninspired by some, animal tribal tattoos are not only bold and striking, but original designs are also unique and creative. Don’t limit yourself to the animal tribal tattoos designs here either! An experienced tattoo artist can help you design the perfect animal tribal tattoo for you!

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