16 Masculine Rose Tattoos for Men


Rose tattoos are most often thought of as being tattoos for women. After all, they are flowers, which are associated with being delicate and feminine objects. Roses, though, aren’t only reserved for the ladies. With their sharp thorns, deep colors, and symbolism, roses can also be used to create some amazing and powerful tattoos for men!

Rose tattoos for men can have many meanings and symbolic references, with love, honor, strength, sacrifice, elegance, and remembrance.

Red is often the chosen color for roses in tattoo, but rose tattoos for men come in many colors; while red is still a popular choice among men, they can also be any other color, or—in the case of black roses—the absence of color.

So, if you’re considering getting a rose tattoo and you’re a man, don’t shy away from it or downplay the rose’s significance in your ink. Embrace its beauty and power! If you’re looking for ideas, take some inspiration from these masculine rose tattoos for men!

1. Skull and Rose Tattoo

Combine a skull with a rose for a masculine rose tattoo. The detail in this skull also makes it just that much more stunning!

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2. Pistols and Rose Tattoo

This isn’t your typical guns and roses tattoo! The antique pistols combined with the crimson roses give it an old-fashioned feel, and the minute details truly take it to the next level!

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3. Praying Hands and Rose Tattoo

For the faithful among us, roses combined with praying hands make for some meaningful and powerful rose tattoos for men.

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4. Tribal Rose Tattoos for Men

There are several different tribal rose tattoos for men. The red rose in the center of a tribal design is just one simple idea.

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5. Simple Tribal Rose Tattoos for Men

Here’s another great example if you’re looking for simple tribal rose tattoos for men.

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6. Bleeding Tribal Rose Tattoo

Drops of blood make rose tattoos for men a little less feminine. Adding the drops of blood to tribal rose tattoos for men make them a good fit not only for the fairer sex, but for the guys as well.

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7. Chest Name Rose Tattoos for Men

Rose tattoos for men can be used to accompany the name of a person that you hold near and dear to your heart. The placement of chest name rose tattoos for men—right over the heart—also gives them a slightly more symbolic meaning.

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8. Arm Rose Tattoos for Men With Names

Rose tattoos for men can be placed anywhere on the body. This rose tattoo is positioned on the arm, and includes a name in decorative script.

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9. Memorial Rose Tattoos for Men

Use a rose as a main element in a memorial tattoo for beautiful results.

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10. “Mom” Rose Tattoo for Men

Mom aways deserves a rose. Honor her with a forever rose tattoo.

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11. Black and Gold Rose Hand Tattoo

Rose tattoos for men don’t have to be red or any other traditional rose colors. The bold colors of this black and gold rose tattoo are not only more masculine, but also very visually appealing.

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12. Red and Black Thorny Rose Tattoo

Rose tattoos for men can be a little darker than rose tattoos for women. The black and red color scheme of this tattoo as well as the thorny details makes it a great addition to rose tattoo ideas for guys.

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13. Black and White Rose Tattoo for Guys

A simple black and white rose tattoo can be created by using negative space on the skin. This rose tattoo idea for men executes this design idea beautifully.

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14. Black Rose Tattoos for Men

Many guys will find black rose tattoos for men more appealing than their colorful counterparts. This black rose tattoo for guys has a large black flower and black and green stems and leaves, so it’s not completely absent of color.

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15. Sugar Skull and Rose Tattoos for Men

Sugar skull tattoos are becoming quite popular among men and women both. A beautiful addition to any sugar skull tattoo, for either sex, is a few roses.

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16. Dragon and Rose Tattoo for Men

Rose tattoos for men can incorporate any number of other design elements, including mysthical beasts. Dragon and rose tattoos are both beautiful and fierce.

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Don’t let anyone tell you that rose tattoos for men are too feminine! A rose tattoo for guys can be masculine and truly meaningful, as shown by the astounding examples above.

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