15 Unique Barcode Tattoo Designs


Barcodes are everywhere—there’s no doubt about that! Because of this, barcode tattoo designs have become rather popular tattoo designs over the years, especially recently. Both men and women get barcode tattoos. Some barcode tattoos are just simple designs with the symbol’s characteristic block of black bars and numbers underneath. Other barcode tattoos, on the other hand, may incorporate other elements into the design, such as dates or other symbolic images. Tattoo artists can even create scannable barcode tattoos, which bring up certain digital information when scanned.

A barcode tattoo can be placed nearly anywhere on the body, since this particular tattoo design can be made almost any size. Popular places for barcode tattoos include the wrist, neck, and arm. Some body art enthusiasts may even opt for a barcode design on the head.

If you’re searching for the perfect barcode tattoo design, you’ve come to the right place! Keep scrolling for some great inspiration for your very own barcode!

1. Human Barcode Tattoo

Who knows? One day it just might come to this, so you might as well get your human barcode tattoo sooner rather than later…

barcode tattooImage Source

2. Barcode Neck Tattoo

The neck and upper back are popular places for barcode tattoos. Some people also have them placed on the head, but…ouch?!

barcode tattooImage Source

3. “I Belong to You” Barcode Tattoo

Even barcode tattoos can have sweet, meaningful, and sentimental messages!

barcode tattooImage Source

4. Barcode American Flag Tattoo

Show your country pride with a unique American flag colored barcode tattoo. This design could also work with flags from other countries as well!

barcode tattooImage Source

5. USMC Barcode Tattoo

They say that once you’re a US Marine, you’re a US Marine for life, so this permanent reminder seems a bit fitting, no?

barcode tattooImage Source

6. Barcode Rainbow Tattoo

You could view this as a LGBT pride tattoo or just as a pretty and colorful rainbow barcode!

barcode tattooImage Source

7. Leafy Barcode With Date Tattoo

Remember and honor an important date with a barcode and leaf tattoo. This barcode tattoo is somewhat unique and different due to the stem and leaf that appear to be growing out of the lines.

barcode tattooImage Source


8. Barcode Ripping Through Skin

A barcode ripping through the skin is a creepy, yet unique and memorable tattoo design.

barcode tattooImage Source

9. Skull Barcode Tattoo

Speaking of creepy and memorable barcode tattoos, this skull barcode design looks like it’s busting right out of the barcode which fits the bill.

barcode tattooImage Source

10. Zebra Barcode Tattoo

The zebra blends right in with the lines on this barcode design, and it’s a clever addition to a barcode tattoo!

barcode tattooImage Source

11. Broken Barcode Neck Tattoo

Break free from the system with a broken barcode neck tattoo! (Figuratively, of course.)

barcode tattooImage Source

12. Nerdy Barcode Tattoo

True nerds can appreciate this techy barcode tattoo!

barcode tattooImage Source

13. Taped Barcode Design

This detail on this taped barcode design is pretty cute, no? It looks just like the barcode is taped onto the skin!

barcode tattooImage Source

14. Barcode Music Tattoo

For music lovers looking for a barcode tattoo this is definitely an awesome choice! The music notes and equalizer details really make this tattoo!

barcode tattooImage Source

15. Scannable Barcode Tattoos

See? I told you that you could get a scannable barcode tattoo! A tattoo like this, however, would require a super talented tattoo artist with a steady hand!

barcode tattooImage Source

The meaning of the barcode tattoo is disputed, though. On one hand, some people get barcode tattoos as a symbol of their individuality. The seemingly random black bars and strings of numbers are actually very unique and individual codes. On the other hand, barcode tattoos are also seen as somewhat ironic—almost a warning that humans are becoming too materialistic and too caught up in “the system”. Whatever your reason for choosing a barcode design for a tattoo, it’s important to choose the right tattoo artist. Inking the straight lines of these types of tattoos isn’t easy for all tattoo artists. If you aren’t careful, you could end u with a wavy barcode tattoo, and the effect could be lost. Straight crisp lines are especially important in barcodes that are actually scannable.

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